The Prioritized Action List (PAL) Sample – Free Download – Much More Than a Simple Task List

Prioritized Action List (PAL)

Prioritized Action List (PAL)

To help you and your team be even more time efficient, use a Prioritized Action List (PAL). This is a list of everything you have to do so you don’t have sticky notes, pieces of scrap paper laying around, or things in your head that you are trying to remember or afraid you will forget. Everything on the list in a priority order – hence the name – so you are more focused and on target to getting the most important tasks/activities done very single day. This is much more than just a simple “task list.”


To download a Free Sample Prioritized Action List (PAL) that everyone in your office can use (for consistency and efficiency), go to


Your PAL can be in Outlook, an excel spreadsheet, or your contact management system. The important thing is to have one and use it every day. This is a great tool to help you know what you team members are doing every day – a form of accountability.Share This Post

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Claim your Free Copy Today!

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Is Lack of Motivation Stopping You From Getting Things Done?

A conceptual look at motivation and associated concepts.

If you’re sitting at your desk with a “To Do List” a mile long, but you can’t find the motivation to tackle it, keep listening.


How is it that some days it feels as if you have enough motivation to conquer the world, yet other days, the smallest task seems to drain the life out of you? The answer is simple: motivation is fueled by your level of desire and commitment, and when your desire and commitment falls, so does your motivation.


Have you ever been so engrossed by something you loved every second of it and lost track of all time? Your desire and commitment was so high, that time became non-existent, when in reality, several hours had passed.


So how do you deal with lack of motivation for tasks that you dislike, yet must be done?


Watch my short youtube video to answer these questions. Go to now.Share This Post

Could you be delegating even more? My guess is YES!

InfoGraphic-Delegation-Download-SampleThe Delegation List Sample – Free Download

To help you be even more effective and efficient so you can achieve your goals at an accelerated rate, you can delegate more to your team members than you have or might think possible. Stop holding on to things that can be done by someone else and do only those activities that you can do and can’t be done by anyone else. Stop doing revenue generation /business development avoidance activities and delegate more! Successful people are excellent delegators so work at being an even better delegator and be even more successful.


To download a Free Delegation List Sample to help you identify more activities to delegate, go to This Post

Setting up a Peer Accountability Group?

InfoGraphic-PeerAccountabilityGroup-2480x3508People often ask me what is the best way to set up a peer accountability group. Here is one way….Share This Post

Advisor Roadmap Virtual Training Platform – Check it out!!!

Logo-AdvisorRoadmapVT-DiagramMy husband, Bill Bachrach, just went LIVE with his powerful Advisor Roadmap Virtual Training Platform. You can join the Advisor Roadmap community, for only 100/month and you get access to videos, audios, scripts, high value-market relevant articles, webinars with Bill, and so much more that will help you get more great clients. Check it out! This is an amazing training platform you have to see.

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Stay Focused on the Activities Required to Achieve Your Goals

Photo-FocusLife gets in the way, time gets away from you, your plate is already full, and there’s simply not a single spare minute in the day to be concerned about your goals.


That’s how goals get abandoned like yesterday’s fad.


The quality of your life is simply too important to dismiss to being “too busy.” When you become aware that your goals have quietly been pushed to the side, it’s important to refocus as soon as it comes into your awareness.


Achieving your goals is much like being on a diet. You know what you should be doing, but you don’t always do it. You should be exercising and eating healthy food. Instead you slept in, skipped the gym and now you’re eating ice cream.


Your goals are achieved in the same manner: doing what you should be doing, even if you don’t feel like it. You should be taking daily steps that bring you closer to the realization of your goals and if you’re doing anything else, you’re spinning your wheels.


It’s like skipping the gym and shoving ice cream into your mouth. It negates all the hard work you took up until that point. Sure you can help reverse it, but it’s going to take longer – and you have to work harder.


Don’t make it harder than it needs to be. Staying focused on doing the highest pay-off activities that have the highest probability of you achieving your goals is critical to your success. It ensures you make progress toward what is most important to you.


There will probably always be a gap between where you are now and where you want to be no matter where you are in life. That’s part of your growth and personal improvement. The goal is to keep the image of your ideal life in mind, as often as you can, and take positive steps to get there through the straightest, shortest path possible.


ACTION STEP: Write down five steps for creating the straightest, shortest path possible to achieving your goals. You already know what you should do…the question is, are you going to do it?




Leverage your goals sheet and calendar to help you do these five steps as quickly as possible so you can make progress on achieving your goals and enjoy the results.


This was excerpted from my new book, 10 Power Tips for Getting Focused, Organized, and Achieving Your Goals Now, that you can download for free from Amazon.


Much like a map, hand-written directions or GPS, this e-book is designed to provide you with a concise, step-by-step system for getting the biggest results in the shortest amount of time. You’ll learn how to get organized and stay focused so you can begin achieving your goals now!


The level of your success is in direct proportion to the level of your commitment and action. What is your level of commitment to take action on the activities necessary to achieve your goals so you can have the kind of business and life you truly want?


Download your free copy today by going to

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The Self-Motivation Handbook

Get Your Book Today!

Get Your Book Today!

My friend, Jim Cathcart, has done it again!! He has written an awesome book that helps you to do what needs to be done… Even when you don’t feel like doing it. From the author of the international best-seller The Acorn Principle, comes the newest book on motivating yourself to reach the highest levels of success.

Download your copy today by going to This Post

4 Bootstrap Marketing Ideas to Boost Revenue

Have you found yourself in a revenue crunch with your business? Generating revenue – fast – is your first priority, but how can you do that when your marketing budget is small or nonexistent.


At one time or another, every business owner has stumbled across this same challenge. The challenge being, how do you boost revenue when you have none to spend?


Making money doesn’t always take money. These 4 Bootstrapping Marketing Ideas will help you to boost revenue, fast.

Business growth red graphic relaunched with a trampoline 

Bootstrap Marketing Tip #1: Reach Out To Past Clients

We’ve all heard the business adage: attaining the business of new clients far outweighs the cost (expenses, time, and effort) of attaining repeat business of existing clients. Reaching out to past clients via phone or email is one of the fastest ways to boost revenue easily. Find out how you can help them and ask them to work with you.


Action: Pick up the phone. Call your past clients and remind them you are here to help them in whatever way you can. If you are rolling out a new program, call them to let them know that you thought of them. If you’re running a special discount, give them the details (include a deadline to prompt fast action!) and let them know you’d love to work with them again. You don’t need to hard-sell…just extend a genuine offer of service that you think will benefit them in their business and/or life.


Bootstrap Marketing Tip #2: Create a Solution

This is the time to get back to the basics: How can you solve your clients’ problem(s)? Identify their biggest point of pain or challenge – and create a solution. Creating a simple product, program, or service that serves as a solution to their problem can be done in a matter of days – not weeks or months.


Action: We tend to over-complicate the process of creating new products, programs, and services and delay the very thing that can help you boost revenue – fast!  Creating a solution is actually quite simple:

1) Identify the problem –

2) Identify the solution –

3) Identify if you can deliver a high-quality solution –

4) Design the solution so it’s profitable –

5) Identify and protect any legal liabilities.

It’s a very simple 5-step process.


Bootstrap Marketing Tip #3: Everyone Loves a Sale

Discounting the value you bring to your product, program or service is not the point here; the point is to utilize one of the most powerful sales trigger points: everyone loves a sale. Everyone loves to save money; to feel like they are receiving even more value than what they are spending. To boost revenue, offer a 10% – 20% discount on services or programs, while offering deeper discounts (25% – 50%) on passive income items like products.


Action: When designed properly, sales will not sacrifice your profits. Generally speaking, offer minimal or moderate discounts (10% – 20%) on high-cost items like services and programs, while offering deeper discounts (25% – 50%) on passive income items like books, ebooks and other strictly passive income items.  Make sure to have the sale for a specific period of time to get people to act quickly to get the ‘deal’ before it ends.


Bootstrap Marketing Tip #4: Leverage Free Networking Resources

Of all business challenges, leveraging the right resources at the right time is an endless refining process. It’s easy to forget about the numerous free networking resources right under your nose: Neighbors, Friends, Family, Church, Social Groups, and the biggest networking resource of them all – the internet. These all come in handy when you need to boost revenue on a bootstrap budget.


Action: You never know where your next client will come from. Instead of worrying about being “sales-y” to the people in your personal life, approach connections with people as an opportunity to be of service. Genuinely engage in conversations without being pushy. Find out how you can help them – and be a good listener. Take the “sale” out of it…build the relationship first. Relationships are key to a successful business…


Remember, you don’t always have to spend money to make money. There are thousands of ways you can market your services without spending a dime – these are just a few examples.


Above all, keep in mind that marketing is a 24/7, 365 days per year part of running your own business. One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is stopping the marketing process once they find clients. The key must be to market continually, even when you have clients, so you don’t find yourself backed into a corner, so to speak. You are as much a marketer, as you are a business owner. You must get over being shy or reluctant about talking about your business. Get off the ‘rollercoaster ride’ and smooth out your revenue stream so it is a consistent incoming flow of ‘green.’Share This Post

Wouldn’t it be great to achieve your goals in 90 days?

Book-Act Now-PeteWiniarski-12-4-2013Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days is a modern approach to setting goals that you have a chance of achieving in the next 90 days.  You will get a deep understanding of all 3 types of actions that you can take each day.  This process is easy to follow and will keep you on track for crushing your GOALS.


Check it out for yourself. Here is the link for Act Now! and the 90-Day Challenge. This Post

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