Make a List of 100 Things You Would Like to Do Before Life’s End

Businessman showing idea on white boardFrom your list of 100 Things You Would Like to Do….Make a list of 10 Long-Term Goals (5 to 20+ years)


*If you’re tempted to write down more than ten goals, go for it!  Now put them in priority order with those most important to you at the top of the list.  Once you begin accomplishing your goals, cross them off and add new ones.


Now that you have your long-term goals, you can create short-term goals.  Long-term goals don’t happen overnight and are a series of smaller steps over time.  The idea is to breakdown the long-term goals into smaller steps that can be achieved now or in the near future.


Make a list of 10 Short-Term Goals (1 day to 3 years)


*If you’re tempted to write down more than ten goals, stay on that roll.   Remember to prioritize your list.  Once you begin accomplishing your goals, cross them off and add new ones.


Your short-term goals should encompass easy actions that you can begin taking today.  Some steps may require only a few hours, while others will require one week, six months, or longer.  Start with the short-term goals that are the building blocks to your most desired long-term goals – and the easiest to complete.  What you’re looking for are the goals that carry the biggest bang in the shortest amount of time.


To be sure you now have a new perspective on living life to the fullest, I challenge you to find just one goal on your list of 100 Things that is boring and “adult like.”


If you found one (or more), shame on you.  Nothing on that list should be anything remotely close to boring.  Go back and review your list – if you find anything remotely boring, stop and ask yourself if you really want that or is it something you think someone else wants you to achieve.  The only items on that list should be things you want because you want them.  No one else can help you live life without regret, which is why your goals should always be what you want, not what someone else wants for you.


Utilize the Quality of Life Enhancer™ online free exercise to help you create your list.  You can find this online tool at (under the free resources section in the silver inner circle).  Share it with your family and others who you think will benefit from this exercise.  Create the kind of life you truly want and one with no or fewer regrets.


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Brand your Business – Slogan Slinging

Photo-BrandYourBusinessCreating a memorable slogan is an important part of branding your business.  Choosing the right slogan has the power to catch the attention of clients and prospects.  You will want a slogan that is descriptive, catchy and personable; yet industry specific.  For example, if you’re a writer, a slick choice for a slogan might be “The Right Writer.” If you’re an interior designer, “Changing lives, one room at a time” may be an appropriate slogan.  Incorporate your slogan into the tagline of your logo, website design, business cards and all other marketing materials.  When people hear your slogan, they will instantly be reminded of your brand.


A slogan not only creates the sense of an established business, it can also be used to further propel your status by being used when introducing you in interviews, magazine features, public speaking engagements and radio and TV advertisements.  Use your slogan at every opportunity!  At networking events, introduce yourself as John Smith, “The Right Writer.”  Continued plugging of your slogan will only help push your business forward and build momentum.  You can then use that momentum to capture more clients and revenue.



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Get Your FREE High-Content Webinars for Continued Business Growth and Success

shutterstock_37712386Check out the FREE high-content Webinars available to you to help you make more money and work less so you can enjoy even better work life balance.  Watch /listen to those that you think are of the most value to you and implement the concepts for even greater success.  The available webinars will continue to change so check back periodically to see what is new.


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What is the Managerial Role in Strategy Making?

Photo-MeetingWithPeopleManagerial role in strategy making: Lower-level managers have a voice in strategy-making, as well as greater latitude to respond opportunistically to developing conditions.  In the past, strategic thinking was generally reserved to closed-door meetings with upper management.  This method employs feedback with lower-level management, who has direct contact with employees and clients.


To download a complimentary copy of a strategic thinking model, go to


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How to Make Business Introductions Online – article by Bill Cates

workplace_feel_goodSUCCESS1In this digital world, most of business is done online with convenience and ease.  But what about referrals and introductions? Networking is an important part of business that won’t be pushed aside as we digitize our work processes.


Luckily, making introductions online is easy and effective — as long as you’re doing it right. An introduction is personal by nature, so when making them online there are a few things that must be done to preserve the intimacy of the interaction. Here are some tips for doing online introductions right.


The initial text-based introduction


Whether giving or receiving referrals, an electronic handshake via email or social workspaces can be a very effective form of introduction. Here’s how it works: The referral source sends a message to the prospect and CC’s you. You then follow up with the prospect, but within that first message there are some important things that must happen to facilitate a proper referral. Here are 5 tips for making an electronic handshakes more effective:


1. Make sure the referral source CC’s you. Ask them to. Don’t assume they will.


2. When you contact the prospect, write something like, “I’d like to present myself as a resource to you, as I have been for George. Let’s set up a five-minute call or meeting to get the conversation started.”


3. In your first message to the prospect, put your referral sources name in the subject field to increase the chances of the prospect reading the message.


4. CC your referral source on this first message so they know you’re moving forward with the referral, but don’t CC them on every correspondence.


5. Keep your messages short and try to move into phone calls or meetings as soon as is appropriate. Do not try to make sales via email.


Chatting face-to-face online


An increasingly popular form of the online introduction is an online meeting with video conferencing. When you and your prospect turn on your webcam in an online meeting, you’re experiencing the closest thing to an in-person meeting — but in a convenient, non-intrusive environment.


There are two ways to use video conferencing for referrals and introductions online: First, a three-way video conference creates a personalized and memorable introduction that allows your referral source to verbally introduce you and your prospect. And with video, your prospect familiarizes with you more quickly, making the introduction more valuable. Second, you might use video conferencing as a follow-up to the text-based introduction your referral source provided in email or messages within a social workspace. Once in the meeting with your new prospect, you can talk face to face about their needs and questions.


An online meeting allows you to leverage the trust between the other two parties and build your own trust more quickly. Here are three tips for making online meeting introductions more effective:


1. Don’t wing this call. Have a brief agenda. In most cases this online introduction should be very brief (5-10 minutes) unless you know you have a very interested prospect. If your new prospect is ready to move forward quickly, you can use the screen-sharing feature of the online meeting platform to launch into a demo or show any other documents or web pages you use to assist your sales conversations.


2. Follow the same consultative sales process you would if you were meeting the prospect in person. Don’t make this online meeting a “tell them” meeting. Make it a discussion. Ask good questions to draw out their perceived needs. Resist the urge to go into “presentation mode” too quickly. And always turn on your webcam.


3. Practice with the technology a few times before using it for an online introduction — you want to feel comfortable with it by the time you’re in the meeting. The technology should be easy to use so it does not get in the way of your conversation.



Copyright 2013 by Bill Cates and Referral Coach International

Bill Cates is the author of Get More Referrals Now! and Don’t Keep Me a Secret! His new book, Beyond Referrals, is being released by McGraw-Hill in April 2013. Bill helps salespeople get more referrals and turn those referrals into new clients. Check out Bill’s books at Contact Bill directly at



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Are you suffering with chronic back pain or herniated disc issues? Check out DRX9000 Spinal Decompression!!


DRX9000 Spinal Decompression

DRX9000 Spinal Decompression

Do you struggle with chronic back pain?  Do you have leg pain that is coming from issues in your back?  We all deserve to live an active, pain-free life for as long as possible and without surgery.  The DRX9000 spinal decompression is a fantastic option that can effectively treat herniated or bulging disc/vertebrae and relieves the pressure in your back that could be stopping you from enjoying life to the fullest.


Search for a chiropractor in your area who has the DRX9000 machine and see if this is an option for you.  I have personally been struggling for years with severe leg pain as a result of two discs being on top of one another and the DRX9000 is helping me prolong surgery to my back for as long as possible.  Friends of mine have also benefited from using this fantastic machine.  Maybe it can work for you too!


DRX9000 involves spinal decompression, which helps reposition troublesome discs and moves everything back into place. This therapy can also help those with degenerative disc issues and some patients will feel a reduction in pain after only a handful of treatments. The strain of aging or overexertion can take a toll on your spine. Overcome the discomfort and soreness in your back by talking to a chiropractor who has this DRX9000 machine to find out if this is an option to help you like it has helped me and many other people.



Your doctor certainly isn’t going to tell you about this so I’m trying to spread the word about a possible solution to your back issues.  Don’t let severe pain keep you from enjoying your life. 

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Quickly Grow Your Business by Asking for Introductions


Ask for Introductions/Referrals

Ask for Introductions/Referrals

Are you asking your clients and people you know for referrals and introductions to others who can benefit from your products and/or services?  If not, you need to!


If you are asking and not getting a good result, consider using Linked-in as one great resource to help you. 


If you aren’t currently leveraging Linked-in for a CONSISTENT FLOW OF REFERRALS, you need to consider it today!


“I just read page 131 of your Work Life Balance Emergency Kit 34-lesson book. I love the Linked-in contact list idea.  That may be a home run or better yet a grand slam. Worth the money for the course book.” –Chad Coe, Deerfield, IL


To download my complimentary referral tracking spreadsheet and help you increase your revenue, if you don’t already have a process to track referrals, go to



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Keep Your Eyes Open for Golden Opportunities

GoldenIdeas-Opportunities-iStock_000005012908SmallStrategic formulation and implementation: Formulation and implementation are interactive rather than sequential and discrete.  This is a more interactive way to strategize and involves multiple levels of managerial roles, providing creative input and potentially improving the results.  You want to “play the game” at a level your competition doesn’t know exists.


Action Step: Keep your eyes open for golden opportunities.

When you are prepared, you can take advantage of opportunities that your competition may not be ready to take.  Support creative input from your team and teach them how to spot an opportunity that will create more opportunity and growth.

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Subscribe to The Accountability Coach’s High-Value iTunes Podcasts for Business Acceleration

Photo-Exercise-ListeningToAuidos-iStock_000027256010SmallSubscribe to my iTunes Podcasts for short, thought-provoking, ideas of value to help you be even more successful – personally and professionally.  Many people download them to their iPod and listen to them while they exercise.  Each podcast is only approx. 7-15 minutes in length.  You will enjoy the interviews with the myriad of people who provide value to you achieving your goals.  Go to and click on the iTunes Podcasts icon on the right hand side of the screen or go to iTunes and search for AccountabilityCoach and subscribe today, or go to   You will receive value from these podcasts.  There is no charge to obtain these podcasts so Subscribe today.


To help you stay focused and on track to achieving your goals

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or Subscribe to my blog on Kindle and receive business success tips


For business acceleration, The Accountability Coach™ helps you make more money, work less, and enjoy a more balanced and successful life. 

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Real Life Isn’t Boring!  How to Live Life with No Regrets

No Regrets!Life goes by so quickly – don’t miss out on the extraordinary opportunities you have to live life without regret!  Ask yourself this question, if you left this world tomorrow, would you feel as if you lived life to the fullest extent?


While you can’t turn back the clock and change past events, would you – if you had the power – change the way things are now?  Perhaps you would change where you live, your financial status or improve your personal relationships.  Maybe you would drive a different car, play more golf, travel to exotic places, be more physically fit, or relax in a hammock on the beach.


You’re probably thinking, that sounds great, but that’s not real life.  You can’t spend your life in a hammock!


Then let me ask you, what is real life supposed to be about?


Work?  Responsibility?  Bills?  More work?  (You may be tempted to answer yes, but hold that thought.)


This is where most of us get it all wrong.  Most of us were taught that being an adult is about being responsible, and life is not about having fun.  You’re supposed to have all your fun when you’re a child, then “grow up” and live responsibly in the real world.


I challenge you to break that false perception and create a new rule of your own.

If you could live life exactly as you wanted, what would you change?  Without even realizing it, you could probably come up with at least three things that would involve less work and more fun.  Go ahead, try it.


If you could change three things in your life – right now – what would they be?  Here are some examples:

  1. Work less
  2. Travel more
  3. Spend more time with children


Now it’s your turn…



Why would you change these particular aspects?  Next, write a specific reason for wanting to change these three things.


  1. So I have more time and energy to do the things I like to do: work on the house, watch football, go fishing with the boys, etc.
  2. I’d like to explore the world and take romantic trips with my spouse/significant other.
  3. Spending time with my children makes me feel good, even when I’m down.  They make me laugh!


Your list…




When you wrote down your reasons, did you notice that they probably have nothing to do with responsibility and boredom?  Still think life is supposed to be one dull ride?  The things that matter most to you – and the things that allow you to live life to the fullest – are always the things that make you feel good.


This is where you have to retrain your mind to think of life in a whole new perspective.  Real life is not about being bored, exhausted, frustrated or even unhappy.  Real life is about experiencing the things that allow you to feel whole, free, and blissful.


Do not waste one more day of your precious life.  Take stock of the life you live now and the life you would like to live, and start moving in that direction.


Utilize the Quality of Life Enhancer™ online free exercise to help you create your list.  You can find this online tool at (under the free resources section in the silver inner circle).  Share it with your family and others who you think will benefit from this exercise.  Create the kind of life you truly want and one with no or fewer regrets.


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