How to Improve an Already Successful Business

You already have a successful business and you have good repeat clients and word-of-mouth clients. You are successful at making a profit. Have you ever thought of improving your already successful business so that you can be number one or in the top 10 or 20 firms in your niche? There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your business strategies in order to have your already successful business even more successful.


The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule in marketing puts into motion that 80% of your profits are coming from 20% of your products or services. With your top products or services being the focal point of your sales and profits, how can you make these products or services even better? So, how do you make them stand out more than they are? Take into consideration what is making you the most sales is what people are looking for most. You have created something that is in demand. So how do you create even more demand for it?


Start Focusing

Start to focus on these successful products or services that are making your business successful and start improving on them. Ask your clients for feedback on your website: Is there anything that we can do better and improve upon?   What is it that you like about our product or service? Did you choose us over someone else? If so, what did you like better? Clients love to give feedback, and whether it is good or bad feedback from your clients it is an important part of your business success. You want to keep your clients coming back and you want them to tell their friends about how wonderful your products or services are. People like the personalized interaction. Offer to include them in a drawing for a prize for their feedback (for example, an iPad, tablet, etc.).


If your top sellers are different than the other products or services are, why not focus on that certain niche? By focusing more on what the best sales items are you will increase your profits. Add more products or services that support the top sellers or improve on them.


Believe in Yourself and Set Goals

Your clients certainly believe in you and your company so why don’t you believe in yourself even more? We all know that by believing in yourself you are more self-confident and self-reliant. When you are confident with what you are doing you are going to be successful in what ever goals you want to achieve.


Goal setting should be taken in baby steps. Short term goals turn into long term goals. You already had goals set when you started your business and what you need to do now is upgrade those goals for a more successful business. Write down your new goals on how you are going to improve your business and outline how you are going to go about reaching those goals. Goals need to be modified from time to time to ensure your business grows successfully and doesn’t just stay stagnant. Ideally, you would create a business plan with key business metrics that you execute every year – all year long.


Balancing Work and Home

When you are a business owner it can be difficult to find an equal balance between home life with your family and life with your business. You don’t want to end up spending more time at work than at home as this will put more unwanted stress on your life. Stress can negatively impact your work and your home life. Stress causes mistakes, lack in productivity, and can even ruin your business reputation.


You don’t want to be married to your work, you want to be married to your wife or husband. As a business owner your family is the most important part of your business as they are part of your support group.  


Make sure you always take the time for your family and friends. This not only strengthens your family bonds and affirmations, it also helps you find that balance between work and home life that will make you an even more productive business owner. When you are happy at home and happy at your business, you will be able to achieve your goals quicker and more efficiently.


Remember, believe in yourself, believe in your product or service, believe in you team, make goals that are attainable, and balance your home and work life. Following theses simple steps will turn your already successful business into an even more successful business so you can be even happier than you are today.


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Discover 5 Ways to Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever!

Best year ever - Comic book style word.Check out 5 Ways to Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever and Implement to Create Your 2017 Reality!

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When you do these 5 things, you’ll be in a great position to thrive as we head into 2017. Feel free to share this short video with others.


Make it a great holiday season!


Aim High,

Anne Bachrach

The Accountability Pit-Bull™


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Obtain Prospects Who Will Hire and Refer You, while Maintaining Clients Who Will Consistently Do Business with You!

webinar-insurancewebx-11-17-16Join me, Anne Bachrach, also known as the Accountability Coach™, as I explain the 12 questions that can help you build a more client-centered business and assist you in enhancing your clients’ and prospects’ experiences. The results can lead to:

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With my help, you could obtain prospects who are more likely to hire you in the first meeting, and retain clients who are more inclined to do all of their business with you!


On Nov. 17th at 12 EDT, you will explore strategies that will help you to: 

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Amazing story where you will be inspired after watching.

rogercrawford2After watching this short video, how can you ever believe that anything isn’t possible? Amazing story. Take 7 minutes and watch it. (—roger-crawford)
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No Excuses! 4 Action Steps for Making More Money and Getting Results Now! Web Class

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Not getting the results you’d like to have and think you deserve?

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This No Excuses high-value web class can transform your business or help you meet goals that are important to you in any area of your life. You will learn 4 Action Steps for Making More Money and Getting Better Results. You will learn key action steps to help you

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Grow your Business by Thinking Big: Mindset Makes all the Difference

Hand with marker writing: New Mindset -> New ResultsNew Mindset produces New Results!

Whether or not you realize it, your earnings will always be in line with your mindset.  Think big and you will get much bigger results; think small and…well, you can guess what that brings.  The key to growing your business is thinking big!


You will rarely get what you want and you will certainly not get what you deserve when you think small.  You absolutely deserve much more than what you’ve been getting.  Thinking big is about realizing your potential and getting what you deserve instead of limiting yourself.  There is nothing stopping you from growing your business and thinking big – the ability to change lies within you.


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Are Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back From Enjoying Your Ideal Life?

High-Value Webinar

High-Value Webinar

Turn Off Those Old Tapes Right Now! 


Many of us have limiting beliefs and we don’t even know it.  We hold ourselves back without realizing it.  If you think about it, what beliefs do you have that are holding you back from unleashing your true potential? The bottom line is that life delivers what we expect. Allow limiting beliefs to limit your potential, and you will get exactly what you believe you deserve.


When you let go of limiting beliefs, you gain the power to not only get around obstacles, but prevent your mind from creating them in the future. Success beliefs help you realize that you can do anything and any obstacles you face are only imaginary blocks created by your limiting beliefs.


Let’s work on tearing down some limiting beliefs. There is a science to success and once you learn the truth you will be unstoppable.


In this content-oriented webinar, you will learn 7 success-oriented beliefs to help you create the kind of life you truly want and deserve. Join us.


By applying these action-able, results-producing strategies you can:

  • Get more clients
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  • Increase your belief, conviction and desire for increased success – personal and professional


Wherever you are in your life, you are exactly where you are because of your beliefs. To accomplish your goals, you must believe – and your belief comes from your conviction and desire. Belief simply comes down to the ability of having a high level of belief in yourself and your potential, regardless of any circumstance you encounter. There is creation power in your belief system, so use success-oriented beliefs to create a success driven life.


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Are Your Beliefs Helping You or Hurting You?

Photo-Believe2-iStock_000017760854XSmallWherever you are in your life, you are exactly where you are because of your beliefs. When you speak to yourself what do you say – words of encouragement or words of criticism? You may not realize it, but your self-talk is creating your belief system. That belief system is either helping you achieve more or keeping you bound where you are. To get to where you want to go and be who you want to be, you must understand that your beliefs are the powerhouse of creation.


To read the entire article, go to

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Tip for Helping You to Master your Beliefs

Fire man car driver in gloved with a wheel, auto concept
Take ownership of your life.

Are you the driver or passenger in your life? Don’t think for a second that sitting in the passenger seat is going to get you where you want to be.  If you want to be successful, you have to make plans, take action and commit to achieving your goals.  Surrendering the wheel to the “luck of life” will not give you peace of mind, but it will mean you’re in for a rough ride.  When you give up control, you are at the mercy of whatever life throws at you, and you will most likely get everything you do not want.  Success only comes from those who drive their own life.  Don’t just take things for granted.  Create a game plan and focus on what you can control.  YOU and your actions!


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Are you Headed for Success or Disaster?

believe, do, live it - motivational conceptIf there is one thing that holds the most power over your success, you can bet that it comes down to your beliefs.  Before you even have the opportunity to consciously process the reason behind your actions, and the results those actions put in play, your beliefs are at work determining whether you are headed toward success or disaster.


There are literally tens of thousands of actions you take daily (some consciously, most unconsciously), but do you know how those actions are affecting your success?  You can probably think of at least one action that you have taken in the past that didn’t necessarily deliver the results you desired.  With conscious awareness, you have the ability to examine and identify what went wrong, and what you could change to bring about a different result next time.  This is an example of conscious awareness.


But what about all those times you make unconscious decisions that bring about undesired results.  How do you stop them from occurring?  Here is a one tip to help you master your beliefs.


You are only as successful as your beliefs.

Are your beliefs supporting your success?  The most definitive way to know whether your beliefs are leading to success or disaster is to examine what you say to yourself.  Do you typically think to yourself that you will be successful or that there’s no use in trying, because it will never work.  The nature of your belief system – positive or negative – will be the single greatest determining factor in your success, so you had better start thinking success.


When the negative talk starts swirling in your head, just cancel it out – sweep it out – delete it.  Focus on the positive (and what you really want) and remember that your success is completely dependent upon you and you alone.  Although you can allow talk from those around you to negatively affect your progress, no one can prevent you from achieving your goals.  The determining factor is always and only your ability to hold true to your belief in yourself.


There is always a way, so take a “no-excuses” approach to achieving your goals and you will achieve them.  The way isn’t necessarily apparent, and if you feel like you’ve hit a roadblock – get creative.  You’d be surprised how you can come up with some creative and effective solutions when you think outside the box.  The idea is to maintain an element of creativity when coming up with solutions, so you are constantly expanding your belief system.



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