Save 50% on the Live Life with No Regrets; How the Choices We Make Impact Our Lives book

Save 50% when you order today.

Save 50% when you order today.

Imagine a life without a single regret. A life of bliss and peace in which you are not only happy with your past decisions but have the confidence that each future decision you make will be the right one.

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SAVE 50% off on Live Life with No Regrets books, and book on audio.  Use the Special Discount Code of LIVE50 upon checkout.  This offer will expire on March 28, 2014.


Live Life with No Regrets; How the Choices We Make Impact Our Lives, inspires with straightforward concepts for creating a life most people dream about.  This book does more than just give you the exciting information you need. You get a step-by-step plan of action at the end of each chapter.  Learn how to overcome your past and the secrets of how to make the best decisions for your future. Discover the difference between logic and gut instinct.


Know the true understanding of making choices and consequences. Find out how you can make the right choices about your career, health, and relationships and the effect your decisions have on your mood.  Establish new boundaries with the “no longer acceptable” principle and so much more.


  • How to evaluate your beliefs
  • Unlock the power of your persistence
  • Eliminate the time wasters in your life


If everyone could be handed this book when they are starting out in life, they could make better decisions and avoid many mistakes. You can start now. At first glance, it may seem that the average life span of 77 years is a long life.  In reality, time can go by so quickly.  Do not waste one moment living in fear because that only scares you out of living life to the fullest.  You dream of what you would really love to do, only to discount the probability or opportunity, and talk yourself out of it.  Life is meant to be lived, not passed by.  Quit standing on the sidelines – get in the game! What is the worst that can happen?


At the end of your life, how would you like to know you will have no regrets? What would you like people to say about you?  What would you like to leave for your children?  You can build a legacy not for the fame, but for the benefit it will provide for those living well after you’re gone.


Choose how you would like to read and/or listen to your Live Life with No Regrets book and SAVE 50% today.  Remember to use the Special Discount Code of LIVE50 upon checkout.

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SAVE 50% off on Live Life with No Regrets books, and book on audio.  Use the Special Discount Code of LIVE50 upon checkout.  This offer will expire on March 28, 2014.

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5 Ways to Be Even More Productive and Increase Success

We can always be even more productive. Time is a very valuable resource, and if you really think about it, being productive is one of the best ways to ensure that you are using your time effectively. As a successful business owner, you no doubt realize just how important productivity is.

But what about those days when it seems like you just can’t focus on anything? How can you stay productive when your usual strength of mind just doesn’t seem to cut it? In this article, we are going to talk about 5 ways to be more productive. These methods can be used at any time to help you to keep your work output high so that you can move towards the next level with no setbacks and minimal frustration.

Enjoy the article and the complimentary resource found in this article to help you be even more productive. View the article at

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A Combination of Building the Right Team

Building The Right Team

Building The Right Team

Managerial role in implementation: All managers understand the larger system, the connection between their roles and the functioning of that system, as well as the interdependence between the various roles that comprise the system. With an understanding, they will be able to recognize actions that support the system, and lead others to do the same.

Action Step: Learn to work efficiently and effectively.
This takes a combination of building the right team, creating the right systems and documenting them, and delegating for optimal results. When your business runs at its optimal level, it’s easier to see the positive results of leverage.

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Remain Aware of the Direction Your Team is Headed

Lead Your Team Down the Correct Path

Lead Your Team Down the Correct Path

Process and outcome: Sees the planning process itself as a critical value-adding element. As a business owner, you know the importance of planning, but getting there can sometimes seem tedious. The process is seen as a valuable piece, since it brings greater creativity and potential with its broader managerial scope.

Action Step: Remain aware of the direction your team is headed.
This does not mean you should micro-manage, but you, as a leader, should always have an understanding of how the actions of your team affects the future of your business. Look for ways to keep the team focused on the goals. Come up with creative ideas for supporting them, which will help them to remain enthused and go the extra mile.

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Do your leadership actions build team loyalty?


An effective leader doesn’t earn loyalty by instilling fear. An effective leader knows how to positively gain trust, loyalty and dedication of the entire team. Your team will only back you up when you back them up. This is where it has to be given, without expectation, before it will be returned. Just as you will remember when your team went to bat for you, they will remember when you did the same for them. Every time you stand behind them, this builds loyalty and a valuable team mentality.

Be sure to choose quality team members who show a solid history of reliability, consistent performance, and stability when building your team. Hire a teenager with a reputation for not showing up to his previous place of employment, and you can be assured you will see the same. Be particular about potential team members and do thorough research and reference checks before bringing them on board.

Other Tips to Build Team Loyalty…
• Pay above minimum wage
• Be flexible when there’s a disaster or emergency
• Give holiday bonuses or small gifts
• Hold team building events (e.g. sports, meals, or an afternoon trip to the coffeehouse)
• Remember birthdays and employment anniversaries

Action Step: Evaluate your team members. Are they the right team? Do they deliver what the business needs to grow? Are you providing incentive and support for the team’s effective performance? Identify changes or adjustments needed to make the business more effective and efficient: possibly adjust tasks per member, re-delegate to a different team member, release or add team members, adjust systems and processes, or create improved incentives that inspire your team.

Being an effective leader takes time and lots of personal development. Honestly, some people will never be effective leaders because it doesn’t suit their personality. However, as an entrepreneur and business owner, it is vital that you become the best leader you can be so your business, and your team, can grow personally and professionally. Ultimately, how far you want to take your success depends on you. When you commit to evolving into the best person you can be, your success follows suit – and so does your team.

For information the art of effective delegation, obtain the tele-seminar audio at:

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Strategies for Handling Difficult People or Problems

How much better would your life be if there were no difficult people or very few difficult people in it?  How would you feel?  Consider what would have to happen to create this in your life, if you like the idea.   No more negative emotions when that ‘difficult’ person calls or comes by the office for an appointment.  No more complaining employees when they have to deal with a ‘difficult’ person.  No more taking on people like this who later you wish you never did. I’m starting to feel better just thinking about no more ‘difficult’ people in my life any more, are you?


The New Face of Leadership recently published my article on Strategies for Handling Difficult People or Problems.  To read my article and many other great articles to help you be even more successful, go to

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The Power of Effective Leadership article in The New Face of Leadership

In the April edition of The New Face of Leadership publication, you can read my article on The Power of Effective Leadership. To view this issue, go to

Small business owners and entrepreneurs who utilize Anne Bachrach’s proven business-success systems make more money, work less, and enjoy a more balanced and successful life.

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Are you an approachable leader?

One of the most valuable traits of an effective team leader is that they’re willing to teach. Some team leaders will scold employees and expect them to learn new concepts at the blink of an eye – and this is a perfect example of the actions of an ineffective team leader. An effective leader understands that each person has a different style and pace of learning. While one team member may be able to catch on instantly, another may require more guidance. Effective leaders never criticize learning styles or pace – they adjust their teaching style to accommodate the team member’s learning ability.

Can your team approach you with a question and receive a clear, neutral answer? Effective leaders will always be accessible to their team, especially in time of need. If your team is terrified to approach you for help, they will not be performing to their fullest potential.

Action Step: Practice being approachable. At times, team members will come to you for help when it is convenient for them, but not so convenient for you. Often times, you will need to shift gears quickly, but without appearing irritated or frustrated. Always try to improve your approach with team members, showing calmness, professionalism and immediate solutions.

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Are you the kind of leader who is compassionate and patient, yet firm?

In order to understand how to be an effective leader, you must be compassionate to the human condition. Effective leaders are understanding and patient; yet do not allow themselves or their team to compromise on the very things that make a business successful. As a leader, you are never above your team. Instead, you are beside them, willing to dig in the trenches alongside them. At the same time, they clearly look to you as a team leader. You help them to focus on their own growth, because that benefits the success of your business.

Action Step: Reaffirm you are a team – and operate as a team. At the next team meeting, ask for their feedback. What’s working? What’s not working? Listen first, offer solutions second. Involve them in the solution process by asking for possible solutions to problems. If you ask for their opinion, you must be dedicated to helping resolve issues.

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Are you an Effective Leader?

Understandably, most businesses are focused on nurturing the relationships with their clients, but running a successful business is also dependent on effective management and leadership skills. If your employees aren’t functioning to the best of their abilities, your business won’t be either. So, ask yourself, are you an effective team leader?

Do you lead by example?
One of the best ways to fully understand how to become an effective leader is leading by example. You’re not entitled to talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk. If you expect your team to work diligently to meet a goal, you must do so yourself. If you expect your team to dress in certain attire each day, you must do so yourself. And, if you expect your team to constantly improve their productivity, share your secrets for continuous personal and professional improvement.

If you’re not sure how to do these things yourself, don’t expect your team to fully grasp the importance of productivity. An admirable trait of effective team leaders is that they’re constantly improving themselves so they can pass their new found knowledge onto their team. You are an effective leader if you can identify this trait in your own business practice.

Action Step: If you are not leading by example, then change your actions immediately. How can you expect your team to follow your golden rules if you do not follow them yourself? Think about that. Make adjustments that help support this concept and take your business to the next level.

For information the art of effective delegation, obtain the tele-seminar CD at:

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