10 Productivity Tools Every Business Owner Needs

Productivity is never an accident for business owners. It does not happen by chance. Rather, it happens out of a commitment to excellence, stellar planning, consistent efforts, and great productivity tools. This is the age of technology, where there’s an app for everything.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for foolproof ways to improve your business processes and growth, here are the top 10 productivity tools you need to strongly consider using. With these tools in your business arsenal, your business will stay well above the fiercely competitive atmosphere.

  1. Slack- Best Team Collaborative Software

Businesses with a united and well-coordinated team progress faster than those who don’t. Slack is among the handiest productivity tools that business owners can use to unify their entire team communication.

The best feature of this tool is its integration with your daily-use apps such as Dropbox and Google Drive etc. If you wish to transform the way your team connects with information and how your whole organization communicates, Slack is your tool!


  • You can set reminders
  • Facilitates team chat and communication
  • Highlights words you want to notify in a conversation


  1. Project Turf- People, Tasks, and Project Management

For business owners, Project Turf is the best project management solution. It facilitates daily communication, organizing project teams, managing assignments and tasks, etc. This productivity tool also helps entrepreneurs gain valuable business insights, which helps drive growth and optimize processes.

This software simplifies all four management functions, including leading, controlling, organizing, and planning.


  • Comprehensive project, tasks, and people management
  • Easy communication
  • Budget and time tracking
  • Events and calendar management and reminders
  • Business intelligence reporting
  • File sharing
  • Permission-based operations


  1. Basecamp- Project Management Tool

Basecamp is not just a productivity tool, it’s a wholly better way to work. Adopting Basecamp as part of your business’s productivity strategy will help it become better organized and productive. In the age of remote working, Basecamp is especially more helpful for entrepreneurs who run remote work teams.

It helps them create a better channel of communication and needs fewer meetings. Basecamp breaks projects into smaller ones, containing everything necessary for the project at hand. This includes discussions, files, documents, tasks, outlines, and date.


  • Message board
  • To-dos
  • Documents and files
  • Scheduling on iCal, Google Ca, or Outlook
  • Automatic check-ins
  • Group chat


  1. Wrike- Project Management Solution offering Visibility and Control

If you wish to have maximum control and visibility of your projects, you can’t find a more effective solution than Wrike. This productivity tool is one of the most popular apps among business owners for various reasons.

This app helps accelerate performance, delivers better efficiency, and automates complex tasks, among other things. Wrike is among the favorites of a large portion of the Fortune 500 companies currently.


  • Turns every meeting and chat into brainstorming for real plans and optimal results
  • Tasks and project collaboration
  • Live editing
  • 400+ tools for automation
  • Instant visibility
  • Scalability


  1. Zoho- Suite of Software for Entire Business

Do you need a productivity tool that brings your marketing, client support, and sales activities together in a harmonious process? Zoho is just what your business needs then. It is a single repository that unifies all essential business processes, people, and policies into one organized platform.

It also has a centralized data center where you can store all your important data and inventory into a single system.


  • Journey orchestration
  • Process management
  • Sales force automation
  • Omni channel
  • Sales enablement
  • Analytics
  • Contact management
  • Workflow automation
  • Deal management
  • Lead management


  1. ProofHub – Task Management Software

Even business owners can feel quite overwhelmed when working on and managing projects. The pressure alone is enough to make a competent entrepreneur feel disheveled, scattered, and disorganized.

Proofhub is efficient all-in-one-project management software, which also manages tasks quite well. It increases accountability, organizes everything, and facilitates efficient communication.


  • Offers more control on time collaboration
  • Organizes workflow by uploading documents and files
  • Assigning tasks to team members
  • Keeps a check on time that people spend on each task


  1. GanttPRO- Task Management Software

The success of every project depends on how well each team member is on the same page. Business owners often find it challenging to keep everyone on the same page, and it’s needless to say how time-consuming that can be.

With GanttPRO, your team members can track their tasks and always give you an immediate picture of how your plan is progressing.


  • Team collaboration with notifications, files, and comments
  • Task assignment and management
  • Deadline management
  • Time log for personal calendars and personal tasks
  • Resource workload
  • Sharing and export via public URL


  1. nTask- Centralized Project Management Solution

It can be quite challenging to keep a check on the multiple elements of a project. Besides being time-consuming, it becomes all too easy to feel overwhelmed and lose productivity.

For business owners, the nTask app makes life less stressful. The all-inclusive task and project management software serves as a centralized platform. It helps business owners stay updated on status reports, visualize progress, and project tasks.


  • Team collaboration
  • To-do lists
  • Meeting tools facilitate discussion points, meeting agendas, and follow-up actions
  • Employee timesheets and time-tracking


  1. Calendar- Effective Time Management Solution

Do you know why business owners and entrepreneurs are more in need of productivity apps? The truth is that because of the endless list of tasks; they end up spending more time and achieving very little.

Calendar is an effective time management tool that makes entrepreneurs more organized, time-efficient, and productive. The Al-enabled feature learns your schedule and then books, organizes, and updates events and meetings respectively on your calendar.


  • Leverages analytics tool
  • Share calendars and designate visibility
  • Integration of multiple digital calendars
  • Automatic scheduling and invitation of meeting attendees


  1. Shift- Multiple Accounts Streamlining

Shift is a productivity tool that streamlines workflows, apps, and accounts. This efficient solution helps toggle between Office 365, Outlook, and Gmail accounts. With this software, you can connect your preferred web apps with your email accounts and tools too.


  • Custom desktop notifications
  • Account and apps management in a centralized location
  • Cross-platform support
  • Focused browsing
  • Unified search


Final Thoughts

Productivity tools help business owners streamline the important process, organize important data, documents, and inventory. It makes business owners more competent at managing projects, their team members, and saves time to invest in growth-driven business strategies. If you aren’t using any of these tools, consider adding at least one of them to help you accelerate your results to having your ideal business and ideal life.

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