Create Your Ideal Client Profile

If you don't have a written Ideal Client Profile, you need one! This exercise is designed for people who want to build or enhance their Ideal Client Profile and to help you focus on building your Ideal Client Community. Afterall, can you attract and ask for what you really want if you don't know exactly who you want as clients?

Before you ask people for referrals, you need to create an Ideal Client Profile. This description should be detailed and specific. The more precise it is, the more it will help you weed out prospects who will waste your time and who are not best served by you and your organization.

In an effort to help you, this Ideal Client Profile exercise was created as your guide. It is a simple and easy way to begin building an Ideal Client Profile. When you finish this exercise, you will receive a copy of what you created via email. This will allow you to print it out and visually focus on what you want so you can attract it and be even more successful.

Let's begin:

  1. Pull out your existing Ideal Client Profile (ICP), if you have one.
  2. To begin, enter your full name and email address in the form fields below.
  3. Click on the "Proceed" button, and start building your Ideal Client Profile.
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