Establish a Peer Coaching Team

While true success means different things to different people, at our core, the frustration comes when we can’t seem to get what we really want. We’re unhappy with our jobs, our relationships, being out of shape, financial situations, and feel stuck in a life we can’t control. Accountability Coaching can change all of that. Just like the quote from Home Depot President and CEO, Bob Nardelli, says – people do not reach their full potential unless they are coached.

This holds true for anyone. Take professional athletes as an example – every single professional athlete has achieved success with the guidance of a coach or coaches. They might have had the talent, but it needed to be improved and refined to get them to the professional level. This is also true for actors, entrepreneurs, doctors, and even multi-millionaire entrepreneurs – they all received coaching in one form or another.

Here’s how Peer Accountability Coaching (3 people minimum) could work:

You agree to meet weekly by phone or in person with your peer-coaching team (if you don’t have access to a 3-way conference calling feature, feel free to use a service like To review your peer’s tracking metrics and calendar, you can also utilize free screen sharing services like,,,, and

Here is how it works with three people on your peer accountability team:


So, in this scenario nobody is being held accountable by the person holding them accountable. Each participant agrees to devote themselves to the individual they are holding accountable for the period of agreed to. Each participant agrees to provide unselfish service to the individual they are holding accountable by investing, time, thought, and (no nonsense) encouragement until which time you decide to change or dissolve the group.

You will want to make sure to create an agenda and structure for the calls so you can measure progress against your goals every time you talk. Creating tracking methods is very important to creating success with this method and any coaching method you choose.

If you find this method turns out to be people just talking about stuff and you aren’t really being held accountable to the things you need to accomplish, so you can achieve your goals in the time frame you have set, they you might want to consider hiring a coach and work with them one-on-one, or have the group hire a coach and the coach leads your group.

Coaches may help you along the way, but ultimately your success is up to you. Your best strategy is to seek the best coaches to accelerate your progress to your next level of success.

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