Hold Yourself Accountable – Good Luck!

You may be tempted to initially try self-coaching. Although I wouldn’t recommend this method, it is an option. You would want to create systems for daily, weekly, monthly and annual goal tracking. You would need to identify your highest payoff activities that will put you in the best position to achieve your goals, and then do those things first and foremost.

Personal and Professional Assessments are great tools to help you. They might even be able to guide you into a method that is best for you. You can take a complimentary online ‘Am I Coachable’ assessment and Implementation Index at https://www.accountabilitycoach.com. These brief complimentary assessments will provide personal and professional insight to guide you for what you might do next.

Kathy Kolbe, an action and conative styles researcher, has developed a standardized assessment designed to measure an individuals’ dominant conative traits. She established four distinct patterns of action based on the Kolbe Conative Index. The Kolbe Index classifies people into four categories, and predicts how they will instinctively act in unknown situations. You can review their assessments at www.Kolbe.com.

A great resource for identifying your strengths is a book entitled, Now, Discover Your Strengths. It comes complete with an exercise that provides you with Strength Finder results. When you have a full understanding of what your strengths are, you are in a better position to be even more successful.

If you want to try a self-directed program to help you with creating your own tracking sheets (metrics), learning proven systems that work in existing coaching methods, so you can have more tools when you begin coaching yourself, review the 30-days On The Path To Success at https://www.accountabilitycoach.com.

If you believe you can, and believe it strongly enough, you’ll be amazed at what you can do.
­ Nido Qubein

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