About Anne Bachrach,
The Accountability Coach™

Anne Bachrach is president of the California-based accountability coaching firm.  Business professionals and entrepreneurs who utilize Anne Bachrach’s proven business-success systems make more moneywork less, and enjoy creating and having their ideal business and ideal life.  For over 27 years, Anne has inspired her clients to reach their maximum potential.  Her coaching is in high demand and she only works with clients who are truly serious about achieving all of their goals and living their dreams.

During her successful IBM career, Anne created training materials and delivered many training programs to clients.  She also conducted many Executive Briefing sessions for top executives.  Anne discovered the benefits of personal accountability while helping her husband build his business.  As the revenue generator, marketing person, legal department, and part-time coach, Anne found that she needed to be as efficient as possible to keep up with her workload.  She created simple tracking forms to help her stay focused and accomplish the daily tasks necessary to achieve her goals.  Her efforts paid off, increasing her husband’s revenue from $250,000 to $1,500,000 in a short time.

Anne believes that the first step to true effectiveness is to put systems in place, execute them, and then continuously revise the systems to make them better.  Anne says that having someone to answer to on a regular basis about your progress is a powerful motivator.  She believes that personal accountability is the single most powerful tool to help professionals improve their businesses and overall quality of life.

Her fresh approach to business is a much-needed change for stagnant businesses.  Anne prefers to give her clients convenient access to professional guidance and support.  She communicates via email and schedules regular follow-up telephone conversations that allow clients to check in, report progress, and get answers to their questions.  Anne coaches business people to avoid getting stuck in ‘bad’ or traditional habits and to continually think outside the box.

Jokingly nicknamed “The Accountability Pit-Bull,” Anne has firmly established her position as the country’s foremost expert on Accountability.  She believes that even the most motivated business professionals need guidance to achieve their highest potential.  Anne’s personal brand of motivational support has helped inspire many business professionals around the country change the way they approach every aspect of business and life.

To some degree or another we all tend to rationalize unproductive behavior at times.  Anne’s proven accountability coaching systems help people move beyond excuses and get the results they truly desire.

Aim for what you want each and every day!

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