Do any of these sound familiar?

Photo-FrustrationIn a recent research study conducted by Red Flag, it was revealed that:

  • 74% of top advisors admit to working on activities not helping them grow their firm, either weekly or daily
  • 78% report they are “inefficient with their time”, therefore doing a poor job of getting things done
  • 78% reported a sense of being overworked or overwhelmed either weekly or daily
  • 60% of today’s top advisors are building their businesses without defining its long term vision. Less than 3% have “identified and documented” a long term vision for their business.


If any of these resonate with you and cause you not to achieve your goals so you can ultimately enjoy your ideal business and ideal life, call me at 858-456-0160 to talk about how I can help you overcome them and allow you to grow into a more profitable and efficient practice while enjoying great work life balance.

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