Enlist Your Self Control and Achieve Even More

Self-control is defined as “control of oneself” or the “ability to master one’s desires and impulses.  Most people assume that self-control is healthier than impulsiveness.  However, this has to be compared to each person’s value system.  For example, some communities may demand stringent behavior as regards sexual morality.  Other communities will hold that generosity and pacifism are more important than law.  Then some communities will stress that allegiance to a mission is what is truly righteous.  Which of the communities has the highest standard of morality?      


Self-Control for Self Improvement

Let’s say that you have a plan to become successful in your career.  This is the mission of your self-contained community.  Therefore, any thoughts or actions that run contrary to your mission must be extinguished.  When you are a self-starter, then you are in charge of all your faculties and must have them work for you, not independently of you.  Sometimes people do require rigid structure in their life in order to get things done.  If you are naturally inclined to take it easy, if you tend to procrastinate, or if you are easily distracted from completing a simple goal, then these are disruptive factors in your community.  You must work to maintain self-control to meet the standard that you have set for yourself.


Taking Back Control

If you find that procrastinating slows down your mission, or that watching television alters your set schedule, then you may have to use coercive techniques in order to train your body and mind.  You may have to exercise self-control, ensuring that you do not drift away to other time-consuming hobbies or even resort to shelving the project indefinitely.


Self-control doesn’t necessarily mean resisting something that is “wrong”; rather, it refers to taking steps to control one’s own tendencies if they are observed to be counterproductive.  Don’t underestimate the value of enlisting others to help you.  When you are accountable to someone else, it helps.  Once you determine to follow your goal through you must make necessary changes.  Last but not least, remember to analyze your results and find room for improvement. Celebrate your successes, no matter how small.  It is about making progress in life that brings us the success we want and deserve.


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