A favorite saying that I’ve heard over the years is, “the solutions are often obvious once you get the questions right.”

Here are a few questions to consider that might help you achieve your goals (maybe even sooner than you thought).

  1. Is what I’m doing right now moving me toward my goals?
  2. Does this my behavior move me toward or away from my goals?
  3. Of all the things I could be doing right now with my time, is this really the best thing I can do right now to move me toward my goals? (Or am I just rationalizing that this is moving me toward my goals because I am unwilling or unable to do what I know really needs to be done?)
  4. Am I really serious about achieving my goals, or are my goals just something that would be nice to have?
  5. Am I inspired to achieve my goals?

My advice:  Do the things that move you toward your goals, and stop doing the things that don’t move you toward your goals.

Some people say, “It’s not that simple.”  Really?  Are you sure?  Because it’s probably not that complicated!.

Most days, most of the things you do should move you toward your goals.  Nobody is suggesting that you be perfect.  We just encourage you to consider the question, “What would happen if most of what I said and did moved me toward my goals?”

First of all, do you have goals?

Second of all, do you have some compelling reasons behind the goals to drive you to say and do the things that move you toward them?  In other words, do you have some reasons to be serious about achieving your goals?

The more reasons you have for achieving your goals, the more likely you are to do the things the goals require to achieve them.  The Your goals are the tangible what …  and your values are the emotional why behind the your goals.

If you are not moving as rapidly as you would like toward your goals, chances are that there is too large of a gap between your current behavior and the most-of-the-time behavior that the goals require to achieve them.  Take advantage of the fact that you have the ability to change that now.  So … just change that now!

Perfection is not required.  Just get with the “Program” so you can achieve your goals for the reasons that are important to you.  Have fun and enjoy the results!

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