Great Personal Chef Comes to San Diego – Check him out!

I was fortunate to receive great meals from a personal chef, Matt. My mother wanted to get me something very different for my birthday so she went on-line and searched for a personal chef who could cook for a dinner party and/or personal meals. She interviewed several people and spent many hours researching this. She finally met Chef Matt and thought he might be the person to provide me with a nice birthday gift. We met with Chef Matt and went over menus and food preferences, and decided that we wanted the personal meals as the gift. He provided many menu options and we selected what food we wanted for our meals. He came to our house and spent 4 hours preparing some fantastic food for us. He put all the food in containers with labels that gave specific directions on how to warm up each one up. For the next 3 days we had healthy food that was prepared exactly to our specifications. It was amazing and very affordable.


You can check out Chef Matt yourself by going to Gorman’s Kitchen ( Melissa handles the logistics for Chef Matt and she is great to work with. With the holidays fast approaching, you may want to see what he can create for you and your family. Enjoy some special meals for yourself.


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