How Caffeine Impacts Your Business Performance

Be weary of Caffeine

Let’s be honest, most people seem to drink more caffeine and energy drinks than they should.  If you fall into that group, put down the caffeine down.  Instead of downing an energy drink, reach for a cup of water.  Consuming too much caffeine will dehydrate your body and encourage a whole host of other issues, including insomnia.  On the other hand, water will hydrate your body, promote a better complexion, flush out toxins, and can be consumed in high quantities without nasty side effects.


As a successful business professional, you more than likely lead a hectic lifestyle.  Attending meetings, managing your business, and constantly being on the run require you to be in tiptop physical shape.  Refuel your body with nutritious food so that it can in turn provide you with the energy for leading such jam-packed days.  The bottom line is that if you’re not fit, neither is your business.


Years ago, when there was little to no online tracking available to track your health and fitness activity, I created a simple spreadsheet.  Today, there are so many resources available to choose from. Pick one of those or download my complimentary health and fitness tracking sample spreadsheet, go to /fitness-health-training-activity-tracking/.  


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