How to Conduct an Effective Online, Virtual Meeting Web Training Replay

Advisors sent in huge kudos to Bill Bachrach for the webinar he did last week, Turn Coronavirus Lemons into Business Lemonade.  By request, he created another new web training to be of assistance in today’s world.


You can now access the web training replay about, How to Conduct an Effective Online, Virtual Meeting, by going to


Do you lack 10-level confidence at conducting online, virtual meetings?


You are an excellent financial professional. You’re trustworthy, competent, and skilled. But if you bungle the ‘new normal’ of conducting online, virtual meetings with clients and prospects, you could lose all of your credibility in a matter of seconds. Don’t be naive and assume that your clients and prospects will be forgiving ‘because this is new for you.’

Maybe people shouldn’t equate your ability to effectively run an online, virtual meeting with your expertise as a financial planner or wealth manager… but they do! In the same way that dogs smell fear, clients and prospects smell uncertainty.

Just in time for what could be the ‘new normal’ for many months to come, you are invited to this FREE online training where you will learn the answers to the following questions:

  • How do you capture and keep their attention?
  • How do you minimize distractions in THEIR environment?
  • How do you create the most professional look, sound, and feel without breaking the bank?
  • How do you get them physically and emotionally involved?
  • How can you shine as an online / virtual meeting master, whether you have any experience with this medium or not?


This is NOT the basics that you would learn from a Zoom, WebEx, or a Go To Meeting tutorial to use the features of their systems. That’s table stakes. Don’t even think about Skype or FaceTime… those are for amateurs.

You are going to dive deep into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to facilitate true, experiential, highly engaging online / virtual meetings with clients and prospects that move the needles on the “trust dial” in the right direction.

Bill Bachrach is a respected thought leader, keynote speaker, author, and a top Advisor trainer and coach serving the Financial Services Industry exclusively for over 3 decades.

Access the web training replay by going to

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