How Will The Virus Impact Your Performance?


A friend of mine, Don Hutson, sent the below communication out and I thought you might get value and maybe an idea to help you be even more successful from reading what he has to say.  I always tell people to focus on what they can control, and he has good insight into this concept with his points below.


Just about every person on the planet will be impacted by the Covid-19 Virus. The question is, how will it impact you?  We have all heard that what happens is not as important as how you respond to it, so let’s talk about human response.


First, let’s accept that we all have “Controllables” and “Uncontrollables” in our lives. I would like to suggest some responses to each…



  1. None of us can wave a magic wand and make this virus go away, so don’t make yourself crazy trying to.
  2. Your industry or profession may be one that is particularly hard hit, so let your colleagues know that the status quo is unacceptable – we all must adapt.
  3. The demand for your product or service may decrease substantially, so think about what you might be able to do to increase market share.
  4. Your business model in this environment may become unsustainable, so think about how you can fine-tune it.
  5. Attitude and morale tend to suffer in a situation of major change and disruption, so think about what you can do to salvage any elements of hope or optimism.
  6. As the market changes, customer needs change. Can you turn on a dime to create some deliverables that address their new needs?
  7. When we get hit in the face with tough problems many times we turn inward, and sometimes go into “poor me mode”. This is not the time to be faint-hearted! Be strong and innovate. Display an attitude of resilience with a vow to figure out a way to capitalize on this market reality rather than become a victim of it.
  8. Personally demonstrate the aforementioned attitude to your people. Optimism can be spread in even the most dire circumstances.
  9. People are fearful, so give them hope. Be the adult in the room and consider the big picture and the possibilities that exist.
  10. Remind all of your colleagues, that, while we can’t make the virus go away today, this too shall pass.



  1. You are in charge of your attitude. Try to keep it from being catastrophic so that you can be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Try to find the opportunity in every problem rather than the problem in every circumstance.
  2. Since you choose your attitude several times a day, choose optimism any time you can. New solutions tend to emerge when some creatively thinking individuals apply themselves in a determined, hopeful way.
  3. The environment in which you find yourself will be impacted by your attitude, whether positive or negative. Your attitude is your call.
  4. Have the “bird’s eye view” rather than the “bug’s eye view”. You will see more possibilities with a majestic perspective than when mired in the piles of the carpet!
  5. Remember that few things are more impactful than the Contagion of a Victorious personality!
  6. Figure out a way to make this “new normal” a springboard into something new, different or innovative, that your customer gets excited about.
  7. Adopt new beliefs, standards, policies and procedures as needed to perform best in times of adversity.
  8. Get your entire team involved in “Solution Development”. All of us are smarter than one of us! I call it your collective intellect.
  9. Be equitable in all decisions made that impact others.
  10. Be a resource, not a burden to each team member. If we all do this, we will get through our challenges with better outcomes if not unscathed.


Wishing you and your family the very best. Even if solutions are temporarily hard to come by, when you persist, you will most likely be ahead and maybe even better off than your competitors and may just come out on top!


Let me know what I can do to be of service to you. Stay healthy!


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