Would you like to Increase the Probability of Achieving Your 2015 Goals?

Are you sick and tired of your current level of success?

Are you irritated watching others pass you by when you know you have more potential?

Break Through What is Holding You Back!
Break Through What is Holding You Back!

You know that feeling when you’re “on a roll”?  When things are really clicking and everything is going exactly the way you want it to go? Wouldn’t it be great to have that feeling more often?

Many people find it difficult to consistently stay focused and do the work required to achieve their goals.They seem to be more distracted versus being focused and clear on their highest payoff activities that will put them in the highest probability position to achieve their goals.  They are working hard at getting ready to get ready, and not making any real progress. Does this sound familiar?

Discover how to enhance results and your overall quality of life by having a proven framework and easily implementable system for achieving your goals in the time-frame you want.  You’ll learn proven business success principles on how to focus on your highest payoff actives to produce the biggest results in the shortest amount of time so that you can experience that feeling of true and total success and a fantastic quality of life.

When you follow Anne’s proven business-accelerator system, you will:

Here’s what you get when you invest in this special offer:

  1. Four (4) 30-minute one-one-one high-value coaching sessions with Anne Bachrach, The Accountability Coach™ and The Results Accelerator™ (conducted over the phone)
  2. The Wheel of Life to help you put the 8 areas of your life into perspective and to create a game plan you will implement
  3. Identify specific Life-time and Long-term, Quarterly, and Weekly goals that you are inspired to achieve
  4. Create a Monthly / Weekly Tracking Spreadsheets to track progress on your goals
  5. Learn Effective Time Management and Calendaring Skills
  6. Define Your High Pay-off Activities for Goal Achievement
  7. Create/Update Your Ideal Client Profile
  8. And, unlimited e-mail access to Anne for the entire 30 days


Take advantage of this special business acceleration coaching offer to help you get focused so you can achieve your 2015 goals and enjoy what is truly important to you in life.

When you invest before Jan 25, 2015 , you receive the special discounted price of only 399 USD.  You save over 1200 USD.

Increase the Probability of Achieving Your 2015 Goals Now!

Aim High!