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Personal Financial Plan App

Personal Financial Plan App

Start your year out right and get this very useful app – Personal Financial Plan Wiz. This is the most comprehensive app yet in the PF Wiz family.  This DIY long-term strategic planning app will allow you to assess your lifetime financial goals with the flexibility of performing “what if” analysis at any time so you can conveniently assess the impact of alternative goals, income and expense, and saving and investing return assumptions.


This powerful and very useful app is being offered for FREE this month.  I know you will receive a lot of value from this easy to use app.  Share it with your friends, family, and others you think would also get value from this great resource tool.


Personal Financial Plan Wiz is now available FREE in the Apple and Google Play app stores!


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If you have any feedback for the developers of this app, they are open to hearing from you.  Please send your feedback to:


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