Coach’s New Book Examines Living Life with No Regrets

Anne Bachrach reveals how to live without regrets in her third book


If you’ve ever wished you could wave a magic wand and transform your life, you may be underestimating the power of personal choice. In Live Life with No Regrets, Anne M. Bachrach, president of the California-based life coaching firm A.M. Enterprises, reveals how the choices we make shape our destiny – and our ability to find satisfaction with life.

“There are so many people who express regret with the life they are leading, yet life is just the sum of our choices,” Bachrach says. “Too many people never stop and consider how decisions will impact their destination on life’s journey, but instead keep charging forward toward an unknown end point.”

Live Life with No Regrets details how everyday people can find increased satisfaction in their lives, simply by recognizing the weight that their decisions carry. Bachrach believes that people’s satisfaction with life correlates directly with their choices.


“Your choices in life determine whether you reach your goals or your desires come to fruition,” Bachrach said. “There is no excuse for abandoning your dreams, because you are in control of developing your reality.”

According to Bachrach, recognizing the importance of personal choice is only the first step in enhancing quality of life. Live Life with No Regrets also teaches readers how to cope with change, eliminate “the no longer acceptables,” and effectively manage their time.

Bachrach has dedicated nearly 23 years of her career to helping business people and entrepreneurs improve their productivity, profitability and quality of life. As an accountability coach, Bachrach chooses to work only with clients who are truly serious about achieving their goals and living their dreams.

Bachrach didn’t begin her career with the intention of becoming an accountability coach. After enjoying a successful career with IBM, Bachrach started A.M. Enterprises to help entrepreneurs to maximize their true potential. While developing her company, Bachrach began to realize the effect personal accountability was having on her personal and professional life and decided to share her discoveries. The systems and tools she used early in her career form the foundation of the program she continues to use with clients today.

“When people work with an Accountability Coach, they achieve results and find the happiness they’ve been seeking,” Bachrach said. “Using proven systems and methods, people utilize the tools and inspire the confidence necessary to realize their biggest ambitions. After working with me, many clients realize that their aspirations are not only achievable, but within easy reach. The majority of people I advise quickly meet their first goal and then go on to set the bar even higher for the future.”

Bachrach’s take on business and life are a refreshing and inspiring wake up call for anyone who is not happy with their current direction in life. In Live Life with No Regrets, she shares strategies that will help readers recognize the weight decisions have on personal satisfaction and professional success and provides tools to help them get started on the right path.

Live Life with No Regrets is was released in January 2011. For more information about the book, the value of working with an Accountability Coach or training programs, visit

Praise for Live Life with No Regrets

“Anne is amazing. When she has something to say – or write – pay close attention. Beyond all of the research and examples in her book, Anne is the best example of the lessons she teaches. Study this book and you can’t help but be even more successful in all areas of your life!”
— Shep Hyken
author of “The Cult of the Customer” a Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best-Seller

“Anne does it again. She shows you how to make smart choices in a thought-provoking and incredibly effective way so you can achieve your next level of professional and personal success. You won’t regret it when you choose to begin today.”
— Dr. Tony Alessandra
author of The Platinum Rule and Hall-of-Fame Keynote Speaker

“We are all the sum total of the exposure we have gained and the choices we make. Anne Bachrach has masterfully put this all in superb perspective in her new book. She helps the reader gain not only serenity, but peace of mind with choices, changes and life itself. Don’t miss reading this book!”
— Don Hutson,
Co-author, NY Times #1 Best-Seller, The One Minute Entrepreneur, and CEO of U. S. Learning

“Your choices and decisions up to now have made your life what it is today. This wonderful, insightful book shows you how to make better choices and decisions for the rest of your life”
–Brian Tracy
author of Eat that Frog!

“Bachrach has done it again: These concepts are simple and straightforward, yet incredibly effective in creating the success and satisfaction that most people dream about. Entrepreneurs and business professionals either master this mind set — or stall out because they lack one or more of these essential techniques. Recommended reading for self-starters!”
— Dianna Booher
author of The Voice of Authority: 10 Communication Strategies for Every Leader and Speak with Confidence

“This enlightening book will cause you to purposefully understand how you control your destiny based on your life choices. Anne Bachrach is an outstanding executive and leader. Prepare to feel energized and empowered by the possibilities in life!”
— Dr. Nido Qubein President,
High Point University Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co.

“We should all aspire to live a life of no regrets. Anne’s new book will provide you simple, solid advice on how to do it.”
— Mark Sanborn
Bestselling author of The Fred Factor and You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader

“Would you like to be relaxed and at peace while living exactly the life you want? This book will show you how. Anne is an expert who lives peacefully and powerfully every day. Do it now!”
— Rick Barrera
author of “Overpromise and Overdeliver: How to Design and Deliver Extraordinary Customer Experiences”

“This is it, the ONE shot you have at being alive. Let Anne Bachrach show you how to assure that at the end of it, you can reflect on how you lived it and smile… from ear to ear! You are driving even if it’s someone else’s car much of the time. It’s YOUR choices that matter. Take charge of your life. Love this life you’ve been given.”
–Jim Cathcart,
Hall of Fame Speaker & Best Selling Author Author of The Acorn Principle

“A fantastic book about putting our busy lives into perspective and making sure we choose the path we truly want so we don’t live with too many regrets. Anne continues to share practical content in a way that makes it easy to implement and get results.”
— Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE
Speaker Hall of Fame Co-Founder SmartHealth

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