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Lose 6-18 pounds in 21 days. Eat the way your body was designed to eat. Prevent and reverse disease.  This is not a diet book. It’s a result-oriented personal journey to help you make lasting changes in your health, mindset, and waistline. And if you follow the 21-day plan you will lose 6-18 pounds in the first three weeks.   It’s only $2.99 for the next few days!

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Here is the first few pages to try it out for FREE.  It kicks off with a crazy story of something that happened to Dr. Doug in India, in 1987, that set him in a new direction and altered my life. Click Here for the first chapter!  [https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001EubuJtYPEbaqgwJCdZmz07sxpaaCE4HzkKeflF85vPGtVdtNMvMwE1WWxjHFTscZzC867XZ9cbyDqfAGTMElW5t3ycjk6NhVN1nV-_uRs7PJU1aOBknrhC_161itv8ZQJWraTpdkQOSbAVTZ5X-lq5szP96TpsBzrc3x6LrAQxVkDKY9x0XWHjY-uqBa-58d]

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If you are like me at all, you want to continually do things that are within your control.  Being as healthy as long as possible is one very important aspect in our lives.  See how Dr. Doug’s book can help you be as healthy as you can be.


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