Quit making excuses, get some accountability in your life to help you increase success

It has been said that a well-executed mediocre strategy is definitely more valuable than a great strategy that sits in a binder on a shelf. Unfortunately, studies have shown that organizational failure is primarily caused by the lack of execution – a lack of clarity on most important goals, vague key business indicators, and low levels of accountability.

When surveyed, a large number of business professionals say one main thing they want is accountability to help them grow their business. Accountability is available in many different forms depending on the level and amount of accountability you feel you need. Some require an investment and some don’t. Choose the method best for you. Pick one and get started. Stop getting ready to get ready and just pick one and implement that method to achieve greater success.

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My husband, Bill, says: “Failing with an excuse – even a really good excuse – is not as good as succeeding.”

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