Referral/Prospect Tracking Spreadsheet – SAMPLE – Free Download

Referral/Prospect Tracking Spreadsheet

Referral/Prospect Tracking Spreadsheet

In my work with business owners, I find that they often say to me that they have prospects that they haven’t followed up with (for whatever reason), or they lost track of some of the referrals people gave them. First of all, it’s hard to believe that someone wouldn’t have a process for tracking their referrals/prospects because that is potential revenue – but apparently this happens and probably more than it should. So I came up with a simple tracking spreadsheet to help my clients better know who they have in their pool of prospects so they know where they are at in their pipeline, and they don’t lose anyone (or drown them) on the way.

To download my complimentary tracking spreadsheet and help you increase your revenue, go to /referral-tracking-workbook/

This excel spreadsheet can easily be modified to be of value to you.

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