Self-esteem is very hard to fake

What does the opposite of low self-esteem really mean?  It doesn’t imply arrogance, though the term self-confident has occasionally been used to describe vain characteristics.  A high level of self-esteem essentially means respecting yourself as a person, treating yourself with the same attitude that you would give one of your own friends or peers.  This is an important step to increasing your level of self-esteem: viewing your life objectively.  If you look at yourself through someone else’s eyes, you may find plenty to love and little to hate.  You may also be able to better pinpoint negative behaviors that can be changed, assuming you want to change. 


High self-esteem has been called the “immune system” of the soul, something that can help a person to cope with life’s problems and sidestep problems.  What builds self-esteem in the first place?  Self-esteem is very hard to fake.  People who try too hard to be self-confident usually give themselves away.  Self-esteem is an internal peace that exudes to the surface of a man or woman’s skin.  Self-esteem evolves along with the human organism, starting from a child’s developmental process into adulthood.  The child learns to be happy and confident with his or her abilities because of positive reinforcement learned early on.  Beyond this stage, self-esteem is increased the more success an adolescent (and eventually and adult) enjoys in life.  Success naturally makes people feel good about the world and about their own capacity to contribute to it.  The more challenges they overcome they more energized they feel.  You could say that success is like a healthy vitamin, as opposed to the addictive drug of failure.  Your body has to cope somehow with its surroundings.  Better that you nourish it with positive feelings rather than expose it to chronic misery! 


What is something that you have always wanted to do but were a little afraid to do?  You can increase your self-esteem by choosing to decide to do that thing now.  Increase your self-esteem and increase your success.


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