“Show up ready to be no place else” – Max Dixon

This is a great quote by Max Dixon!  When you think about it, what does it mean to you? Show up ready to be no place else…. 


When you are talking with a client or a prospect are you thinking ahead of the conversation about what you are going to say next?


When you are talking with anyone, are you thinking about something else other than what that person is saying to you right in the moment?


Are you watching other things going on around you instead of listening to someone – in person or on the phone?


When you ‘show up’ are you as prepared as you need to be to be in the highest probability position to achieve the goal you have set?


How is your ‘way of being’ when you are communication to someone or a group of people? Can they sense from your non-verbals or your tone that you aren’t focused on the task at hand?


How would showing up, in everything that you do, like you are ready to be no place else impact your success – professional and personal?


What does this quote mean to you in your life?  How will you implement the concepts in you life? Try it today and see how applying this concept positively impacts you.  Enjoy!

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