Strategies to Help You Deal with Difficult Situations – #3

Strategy #3: Vent if You Must

Being productive is a difficult task when you’ve bottled up your emotions and stress.  If you find yourself unable to concentrate on the task at hand, give yourself a few moments to let the emotions come to the surface.  Cry, scream, yell or go outside to run – whatever you need to do to regain your focus.  Have your five minute ‘pity party’ and put your Big Girl/Boy Pants on and deal with it!  Be aware you are a leader, and your team will be watching.  Be careful what you show in front of them, because they will most certainly feed off your state of calm or chaos.  Seek guidance from a colleague, friend or significant other; they may have just the right advice for you to regain your focus.


Stay tuned for strategy #4 coming up next.

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