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We all can use a little accountability in our life.

We all can use a little accountability in our life.

Russ Alan Prince recently wrote a good article, Success Coaching Defined, in FA magazine.

I couldn’t agree more with his comment: “The coaching boom, however, is both good and bad for professionals. It’s good in that high-quality coaching is a way for them to become significantly more financially successful. It’s bad in that, with more and more people looking to provide coaching, it’s very likely that quite a number of them are not up to the job.”

As an Accountability Coach, I find so many people entering the coaching area having no real life experiences to help Advisors. They may have gone to some coach school and think they are qualified to help Advisors be even more successful – personally and professionally.

You will find that many Advisors who are accelerating their results have a coach who has experience and knows exactly how to help them.

In my opinion, I think that many of the Advisors thinking about getting a coach would like to be even more successful and accelerate the achievement of their goals; however, don’t want to do the work required to actually get the results. They have ‘like to have goals’ but are okay with where they are and the progress they are currently making. They may not like it but just don’t want to work that hard.

I also agree with Russ when he said, “The clients of coached professionals are better served.”  As the Advisor gets even more focused and productive, that translates to getting even better clients and serving them even better.


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