The Importance of Commitment in Achieving Your Goals

Let’s briefly review the importance of commitment, in any relationship or method you choose.  The truth is making a successful commitment is nothing more than a making a choice to create a desired future outcome.  Each of us has the capability to set successful commitments.  You might all agree to make the decision to create successful commitments.

  1. Commitment is Nothing More Than Choice

You are choosing your desired future outcome over your current reality.  That’s it – you just made a choice! 

  1. Instant Gratification vs. Future Outcome

Make every step count, and you will get there faster and easier.  Instant gratifications shouldn’t even enter your mind.  The only thing you should be focused on is your future outcome, and it should mean more to you than momentary desire for instant gratification. 

  1. Success Relies on 100% Commitment

It’s easy to make excuses and exceptions, but it’s harder to get back on track once you’ve made room for them.  Successful goal achievement requires 100% commitment. Decide what you can commit to and stick to it – no excuses, no exceptions.  You’ll find that 100% commitment is actually easier than 99.9%, because you remove distractions, and the emotion around them.  When you can focus solely on your goal, not your distractions, it will be easier to stay on track.

  1. Casual Interest or Complete Dedication

Your level of desire will determine your results – period.  If you only have an interest in something, it will be easier to let it go. 

  1. Visualize Your Goal

Visualization is powerful and will support your efforts.  Spend a few moments every day, in the morning and evening, visualizing your desired outcome.  Imagine it as if you were already there.  Feel how good you feel, and completely immerse yourself in the smell and sounds of the environment.  When you are able to focus on the end result instead of momentary temptation, you will make the right choices that support your desired outcome.

If you’ve tried and failed in past commitments, it doesn’t matter.  The past is the past, and you are a different person today.  Starting right now, you are now armed with the strength and the tools you need to successfully commit to creating your desired future outcome.


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