Top 10 Tips: How to Get Motivated – Tip 1

Learning how to get and stay motivated isn’t always an easy task.  It’s especially difficult when you’re dreading the task at hand and are inclined to procrastinate.  You will learn, over the course of a few weeks the Top 10 Tips to help you get motivated – and get back on track.  They will also help you stay on track so you achieve your goals and be even more successful.


  1. Find what drives you.  Are you driven by your own needs, by the need of your family, or by someone else?  How about the needs of your clients?  Are you willing to work 10-hour days because your client is in a pinch or because you desire the end result?  Maybe your drive comes from paying off your debt and providing a better life for your family. What is your reason why you do what you do?


ACTION STEP: Find what drives you and then exploit it to stay motivated and focused.  Write it down and post it at your work station where you will see it frequently throughout the day.

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