Why Financial Advice Alone Won’t Cut It

Are you sending your clients and prospective clients financial porn?

In other words, are you emailing them financial advice information? If you are, I won’t judge you.

But while your intentions are good, the fact is, your clients are paying you to handle their financial future—they don’t want to spend their valuable time learning something you should be handling for them.

After all, that is your job, right?

However, there is something you CAN send them that’ll instantly warm their hearts and help you earn their trust: a Values-Based Quality of Life™ Newsletter.

Simply put, this newsletter will provide your clients with quality advice they can instantly implement in every aspect of their lives, including advice on:

  • Physical Health.
  • Inner Health.
  • Career Health.
  • Relationship Health.

We hear time and again from our Committed Advisors how beneficial this newsletter has been in building rapport and strong relationships with their clients.

In fact, many have credited the Values-Based Quality of Life™ Newsletter as the single factor to acquiring (and retaining) higher-paying clients. If you’re one of the hundreds of Advisors that have completed the Referral Process training course within AdvisorRoadmap™, you know just how important this Newsletter is to the Referral Process, and how sending this Newsletter to your clients, prospects, and referrals will set you apart from all other advisors.

Click here to learn more and to see if the Values-Based Quality of Life™ Newsletter is right for YOUR business.

“This is a really good newsletter, it’s well done. I didn’t throw it in the trash like I do with 99% of what comes in here.”          – Client of Scott P.

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