Invitation to Live To Be 100+ Years Old

The future of healthcare has arrived! And it’s called the Health Nucleus 100+ precision health program by Human Longevity, Inc.

Dr. David Karow, MD, PhD, & Human Longevity President is presenting a complimentary live webinar about the 100+ program, followed by Q & A.

He will discuss an array of topics about our health, ranging from the fact that we have the tools right now to make sure you never die of cancer, avoiding chronic age-related diseases, why genetics is not your destiny even with a strong family history, and how living to 100+ has never been more achievable.

100+ is the most comprehensive, data-driven, precision – based personalized healthcare program in the world. Utilizing your whole sequenced genome and the most powerful diagnostic methods available today, the true state of your physical health is determined to:

  1. Detect anything that is immediately life-threatening… EARLY. And, do something about it ASAP.
  2. To craft a customized, ongoing optimal health plan to live the longest, healthiest, most optimal life possible. eg: 100+

If you care about about your health and the health of others, this will be a very enlightening session. A “MUST ATTEND” session, in my opinion.

Date: May 6 at 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET




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