Support Team Coaching Program

Would you like your administrative support team to be even more productive?

Would you like your administrative support team to take more initiative?

Would you like to increase your confidence that your administrative support team is really working to their maximum potential?

Would you like to have more confidence in you administrative support team so you don’t have to worry as much?

Once you have delegated something to your administrative support team wouldn’t it be great if it didn’t get delegated back up to you? In other words, no more “reverse delegation.”

You’ve come to the right place to get your administrative support team person or people into a program that is proven to produce results.  Even administrative support team people who feel they are very productive and efficient have seen improvements that they didn’t know were possible.  They say they are even more focused and effective as a result of being in this program.

This is a coaching program designed to help train administrative support people to provide better support for the business owner and entrepreneur so they can do what they do best to help the firm be even more successful.   

What outcome should a participant expect? 

When the action items presented are implemented, each administrative support person will accomplish all of the following during this program:

  • Establish their role (and establish a clear plan) for implementing:

o A clear well-documented processes for their role in your organization.
o Support to the Business Owner/Entrepreneur to help keep them on-track with their priorities and high payoff activities, and effectively help them feel safe in delegating everything else.

  • You’ll learn how to implement a tool called “The Prioritized Action List” (PAL) so you can merge ALL action items to reduce distractions and improve efficiency and effectiveness and overall productivity. The PAL is a great communication tool that increases confidence of the business owner/entrepreneur in their team members.
  • Ideal Model Work Week
  • Effective Time Management
  • Maintain a prioritized list of “processes needing to be documented” along with setting reasonable goals for getting the most important processes documented so that everyone on your team knows exactly what is expected from them and when.
  • Help hold the business owner/leader accountable to doing their high payoff activities that move the firm forward, and not let them be distracted with lower payoff activities that can continually get in the way.
  • This program will provide a tool for support people to expand their resourcefulness and ownership to get things done and produce even better results.


Who is this program for?

  • This program was designed specifically for the Administrative Assistant in the office; however, the program is appropriate for any administrative support person to a Business Owner/Entrepreneur. 
  • The most successful business people typically work with coaches for a reason. Most people implement better and are more successful with a coach than without one.
  • An administrative support person who can benefit from additional expertise and knowledge to help them be even more productive which leads to increasing the success of the firm (indirectly and directly).

What led to the establishment of this program? What need was identified?

This program was developed at the request of business owners who came to Anne because of the coaching results she has with them.  They wanted her to help their support team person or people be even more productive which will in turn help the firm more quickly be even more successful.  They didn’t want to hold their support team person or people accountable and yet wanted to be confident that the ‘right’ things were efficiently and effectively getting done to support the firm and the firm’s clients.  A coaching program would allow the support team a way to ask questions and work-through obstacles as well as stay on-track in implementing key systems and performing their job as quickly as we ordinarily see (or faster).  This program is designed for support people to help implement their roles as quickly as possible (mindful that there are other priorities in the office to juggle).  

What is the “Ideal Participant Profile?”

An administrative support team person

  • Who is coachable and will take the advice given.
  • Who is willing, able, and enthusiastic about implementing key business success principles to help their business owner/boss and the overall firm be even more successful.
  • Is an individual who implements better and faster with a coach (training & support).
  • For whom the idea of a more effective, more productive, and more highly structured work environment is appealing.  Being even more proactive instead of reactive.
  • Whose firm believes this person is an integral part of the team and can help the firm increase overall success (indirectly or directly).
  • Whose firm/boss can invest, without “strain,” to help their support team person gain more expertise in helping their boss and firm succeed.


997 USD (one-time investment) 

Here’s What They Get

For the initial 90 days, six (6) Webinars (one every other week) will be provided to the support team participant.  To fully implement the concepts in each of the six (6) webinars will take the motivated and productive support team participant at least 90 days.

  1. Prioritized Action List (PAL) & Support Team Assessment – Getting Started
  2. Effective Time Management – Ideal Model Work Week – Time Blocking
  3. Reducing Time Wasters and Distractions
  4. Creating Systems and Processes that Supports their Role in the Firm
  5. The Strategic Thinking Model™
  6. The Interaction Log™ & Support Team Assessment Review

There will be accountability coaching session and guidance every month to review progress and discuss any questions or issues around each of the Webinar topics.  

To measure progress, an Assessment is strongly recommended with a complete every 90 days by the participant and by the Business Owner/ Manager/Boss.  The time to complete this brief and quick Assessment must be put on the calendar so it gets done.

“My Administrative Manager participated in Support Team Coaching program and received great value from it.  As a result, she has taken charge of my calendar in a really positive way, is taking more initiative without direction, and is doing a great job getting our office organized. We are documenting our processes and can better focus on what needs to get done.”  –Don Hutchison, Financial Advisor


“I wanted to let you know that the first 90 days of group coaching was beneficial.  It helped me to make the Prioritized Action List a constant part of our day.  The PAL is truly an effective system. The webinars were most effective for me in allowing me to become more familiar with each subject that was discussed.”  –M. Blaylock, Administrative Assistant


“I’ve enjoyed being in the program. Thank you for all of your guidance!  It has been a tremendous help!”  –K. Womack, Branch Operations Specialist III


“Thank you for all your help. Your advice and encouragement are very inspiring and really do give us that extra push to drive forward.” –L. Donnelly, Administrative Manager


“I really do love this Prioritized Action List. When I first came to work here I was quite overwhelmed by the quantity of tasks and I was constantly worried about letting something slip through the cracks. I now schedule everything on my PAL and even have the ability to assign tasks to others or share my progress on a particular task with my Advisor.” –K. Benz, Office Manager


“I just wanted to thank you for all I learned during this program. I have learned how to hold my Advisor more accountable, sharpened up my administrative and organization skills, and established even greater client relationships. Clients are now complementing our team and all that we do. Thank you for all the wonderful information that I learned!” –Erica J. Bearer, Administrative Manager


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