Do you dream of having an administrative support team that not only meets but exceeds your expectations? Imagine a team that takes initiative, requires minimal oversight, and significantly boosts your confidence in their abilities. Your dream can become a reality with our specialized coaching program for administrative support professionals. 

Once you have delegated something to your administrative support team wouldn’t it be great if it didn’t get delegated back up to you? In other words, no more “reverse delegation.”

You’ve come to the right place to get your administrative support team person or people into a program that is proven to produce results.  Even administrative support team people who feel they are very productive and efficient have seen improvements that they didn’t know were possible.  They say they are even more focused and effective as a result of being in this program.

This is a coaching program designed to help train administrative support people to provide better support for the business owner and entrepreneur so they can do what they do best to help the firm be even more successful.

Unlock Their Full Potential: 

When your administrative support team enrolls in this program, expect nothing short of transformation. They will:

  • Define their role clearly and create a strategic plan tailored to your organization.
  • Implement efficient, well-documented processes that streamline their tasks.
  • Offer unwavering support as they help you prioritize high-impact activities and confidently delegate the rest.
  • Utilize “The Prioritized Action List” (PAL) to consolidate tasks, enhancing focus, and productivity.
  • Master the art of effective time management and craft an ideal workweek.
  • Maintain a strategic list of processes to document and set achievable documentation goals.
  • Hold you accountable for staying focused on activities that propel your firm forward while avoiding distractions.
  • Develop resourcefulness and ownership, elevating their productivity and results.

Who Benefits from This Program? 

While designed for Administrative Assistants, this program suits any administrative support professional working alongside a Business Owner/Entrepreneur. Successful business leaders recognize the power of coaching, and this program extends its benefits to your support team, indirectly contributing to your firm’s success.

Why This Program? 

This program emerged from the needs expressed by business owners who sought Anne’s coaching expertise. They aimed to empower their support teams, increase productivity, and enhance the firm’s success without constant supervision. This coaching program provides support professionals with a platform to seek guidance, overcome obstacles, and stay on track while implementing crucial systems that will support the firm’s growth.

Ideal Participant Profile: 

This program is ideal for administrative support team members who are: 

Investment Options:

What’s Included: 

Participants will benefit from: 

To measure progress, an Assessment is strongly recommended with a complete review every 90 days by the participant and by the Business Owner/ Manager.  The time to complete this brief and quick Assessment must be put on the calendar so it gets done.

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