Click Below to Access Your Complimentary Client Goal Tracking Spreadsheet – SAMPLE

The purpose of this simple spreadsheet is to help you be more on top of when your client’s goals are coming due, so you can make sure you help them achieve what they want to achieve, assuming it is possible, in the time frame they desire. If you aren’t on top of what they want to accomplish, how does that appear to them versus if you are always paying attention to what they tell you and are helping to get to where they want to go?

You can easily customize this sample spreadsheet for how it will best work for you in helping your clients.

Aim for what you want each and every day!

Anne Bachrach

The Accountability Coach™

The Results Accelerator™

Author of the books Excuses Don’t Count; Results Rule, Live Life with No Regrets, No Excuses!, and The Work Life Balance Emergency Kit.

Financial Professionals and Business Professionals who utilize my proven business-success systems make more money, work less, and enjoy better work life balance.

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Aim High!

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