10 Principles to Eliminate Distractions and Encourage Success

We’re all guilty of allowing the little things to distract us from what we should be doing. 


Take a moment and ask yourself where you truly want to be?  Now tell me how many things you did today, yesterday, and the day before yesterday that directly contributed to the future results you want.  And then tell me how many things you did today that did not contribute to your success.  Those things probably distracted you from what you knew you should have been doing.


Minimize distractions and you’ll reach your goals faster – plain and simple.  You must minimize distractions and focus on the tasks that have a positive effect on your success.


Here are 10 principles can be applied to reduce and eliminate distractions.

1.      Stay off the internet.  Set a time that you honor – say, anytime after 4pm and don’t get on it before then, unless you absolutely have to.

2.      Remove computer desktop icons.  

3.      Remove desktop clutter. 

4.      Eliminate noises. 

5.      Discourage walk-in traffic (unless you have a business that you need walk-in traffic). 

6.      Screen your calls.

7.      Ask for what you want. 

8.      Learn how to wrangle in excessive conversation. 

9.      Work when no one else is around. 

10.  Use and honor your calendar and task list.  .


Remind yourself that those little distractions offer little return, if any at all, for the time you’ve invested.  Instead, stick to the productive tasks that build your success.  Eliminate distractions and you have an even better chance of acting on your good intentions and achieving amazing results!


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