16 Ways to Get More "Stuff" Done

In a perfect world, we would all like to work less and play more. The slogan “work smarter, not harder” is splattered across memo boards, sidewalks and bumper stickers across the nation, yet how many of us can truly say we practice working smarter every day of our working lives?


Although “work smarter, not harder” seems to have become the daily mantra for 21st century working people, most of them will tell you it’s a whole lot easier to say it than it is to do it!


Nevertheless, to operate effectively in the current fast-paced business environment, working smarter is a necessity.  We’ve made a list of 16 of the most valuable techniques to help you work smarter, not harder.

1.      Set daily goals

2.      Cull your to-do list

3.      Create mini goal posts

4.      Worst tasks first

5.      Pick up the pace

6.      Necessities rather than neatness

7.      Tame your In Tray/Basket (on your desk)

8.      Organize your office

9.      Enthusiasm equals energy

10.  Prioritize to plan

11.  Make promises not excuses

12.  Even out the playing field

13.  Deadline decisions

14.  The power of punctuality

15.  Get in tune with your intuition

16.  Improve your processes


Choose 2-4 of these concepts to immediately implement into your life in the next 30 days so you can achieve your goals.  Make a decision today that you are going to “work smarter, not harder so you can be even more successful and enjoy a more balanced life.

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