3 Ways to Manifest High Self Esteem

More than just simple goal setting or repeated affirmations, manifesting self-esteem in your life is a surefire way to amp up your personal and work life, so you can begin living the next-level life you’re dreaming of. While it is a relatively simple process, it is nevertheless something many people fail to do in their lives.

Essentially, manifesting something is approaching it with extreme intentionality and specificity. Rather than being vague with what you want, you focus intently on it, and go to great lengths to describe to yourself what it would look like to achieve it. Your level of confidence and self-esteem has tremendous impact on your ability to perform at work and to be successful in the entirety of your life. Being able to intentionally boost your confidence and tangibly improve your overall self-esteem is key for a happier, more driven life.

There are many reasons why people push off the process of manifestation, but truly successful individuals have figured out how to harness the power of confidence and use it to their advantage every day. Curious how to get your self-esteem rising? Check out these three tried and true methods used by high-performing people across the world:

  1. When in Doubt, Write it Out

Entrepreneur.com said it best when they wrote: “Sit down and write out exactly what you want to manifest. The key with this is simple but powerful: You need to write out exactly what you desire as if it has already happened…Your unconscious mind does not know the difference behind dreams and realities. So, the faster than you can convince your subconscious that the desired result has already manifested, the faster it will show up in your reality.”

Sound too good to be true? Don’t write it off just yet. If your manifestation goal is to have a higher level of self-confidence, then it makes sense that you need to truly define what that looks like to you. Does that mean being able to walk into a room and hold a conversation with anyone you meet? Does it look like being able to present your recommended options to a client without wavering or questioning your vision? Whatever increased confidence and self-esteem looks like to you, write it down, so you have a clear and measurable path to success.

  1. Don’t Leave Any Room for Negativity

Often what holds people back from manifesting high self-esteem are the negative subconscious thoughts they have that sabotage their efforts from the inside out. Our self-talk matters more than you may know. What we tell ourselves, we will inevitably end up believing and living, so you need to be able to identify areas where you are speaking negatively to yourself and turn that thought process into a more positive playback in your brain.

Intentionality once again comes into play here. Being able to identify when you are having negative self-talk is one thing, but to truly take it to the next level you need to be prepared to replace those self-doubting thoughts with encouraging, useful thoughts that will get you closer to your manifestation goals.

For example, if you find yourself thinking, “My competitors will probably end up first to share new services with their clients and prospects, because they are better than I am,” eliminate that thought and replace it with intentional self-affirmation. That could look something like, “My company has worked hard to get these special, leading-edge services ready to announce to our clients and prospects, and we are going to be one of the very best in our industry. We care enough to bring the very best services available to our clients and prospects, which is something that sets us apart from our competition, so it is a win–win for everyone involved.”

  1. Find A New Comparison Standard

Far too often we compare ourselves with others, whether that be a peer or a competitor or a friend. But this does us a major disservice. We are all walking our own paths; taking our own emotional, mental, and physical journeys through life. Just because we have a similar business or live a similar lifestyle does not mean we are called to live life the same.

The next time you feel your confidence waning because you tried to measure your success against the standards and successes of someone else, remember: life is not a competition, and you are the only one that loses when you start playing the comparison game. Run your won race and not anyone else’s, so to speak.

Your best bet is to focus on comparing yourself to the version of yourself you want to be in the future. That successful businessman or woman you wrote about earlier when you set intentional plans for your life. That is your true measure of success. That is the only standard you should ever compare your current self to – it is a standard that is both ultimately achievable, and it is a comparison that only makes you better in the long run.

To begin manifesting higher self-esteem today, take some time to write down three areas of life – both personally and professionally – where you would like to see increased confidence. Remember: be as specific as possible with what success would look like to you in those areas!


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