Get Focused & Learn to say ‘NO’

I called a financial advisor today to find out how he was doing and what was going on in his life so I could find out how else we could help him achieve his goals this year.  He proceeded to tell me about his wife who has been fighting cancer since the end of last year and is on her second round of chemo. She is a young woman and they are dealing with a lot of issues related to her health, as you might expect.  He is also transitioning from one firm to another firm and should have that done by the end of June.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking by now? WOW! You have a lot on your plate, not to mention the fact that he still has to do a certain amount of work to generate revenue for him to live and pay the bills for his wife along with everything else. 


Then he proceeded to tell me that he is having a great year with his business.  His year this year is starting off better than last year.  What has he done to help make this happen, do you think, based on all the other things going on in his life?  Well, one of the main things he did was learn to say NO to everything else he was doing. He isn’t part of any other groups of any kind right now and is only focusing on his business and helping his clients, his wife, and making the transition from one company to the new one. He is laser focused. He is executing a plan and working very well with his calendar.


This is just one example of someone who is doing well, in this economy and with all the other things on his plate that he has to deal with on a daily basis.  I was thinking… if he can do this, so can the rest of us.  Focus, apply yourself, say NO to those things that are getting in your way to you achieving your success, and effectively use your calendar.  You can do it!

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