4 Commitments That Can Impact Your Success

Many great minds in contemporary society are more than willing to share their secrets with the masses.  After all, since they already have acquired a fortune, what would they have to gain by protecting their secrets of personal and professional improvement to the grave?  There are about four recurring commitments that are mentioned by these elite members of society.  When you analyze these commitments you will notice that they are not that “secretive” at all, rather, disciplines based upon common sense.  

1. First, one must be committed to a set of values or beliefs.  As previously stated, a person’s belief system is the foundation upon which all knowledge and experience is built.  The principles that define the individual or organization should be unique and head in a primary direction.  This is where vision and purpose begins.  

2. The second commitment is to one’s own self, specifically in the role of becoming a leader.  Whether you want to be a leader or are a leader or not, you must have a strong sense of personal integrity as well as self-confidence and a willingness to seek self-improvement.  

3. Another commitment that is important in professional and personal improvement is that of pursuing the interests of an audience.  This audience could be a variety of different markets, from clients to readers to fellow business acquaintances.  This “market” is colloquially referred to as “the people”, the ones that you strive to serve.  

4. The final commitment reviewed is that of allegiance given to an organization and seeing the results of its labor.  This involves communicating and ensuring cooperation.  Balancing all of these commitments is important for individuals who want to be successful.

What commitments will you make to yourself today and follow through on so you can create the kind of life you truly want?

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