4 Steps to a Successful Life

It’s time to turn the page and accept that this is Chapter Two in your life!  If you want to make a change and start living a higher quality of life, then you must take decisive action.  Success is whatever you make it to be.  Never believe that you are destined for failure while others are just “lucky” in all their endeavors.  Everyone has control over his or her destiny.  It’s just that some people are unwilling to go the distance to achieve these dreams.  What is the key to success anyway?  Before you answer this question, you have to first consider what success means to you.


What is success anyway?  Is success the same thing as money, fame or power?  Is it influence over other people?  Is it being the best parent possible?  Or is success really what you leave behind in this world when your legacy ends? 


Step 1: Define What Success Means to YOU

The definition of success depends entirely upon you.  Success doesn’t have a definition in exact parameters; rather it is defined as “an event that accomplishes its intended purpose.”  That intended purpose belongs to you.  The truth is that many people today are unsure of what they want or even what success means to them.  You have to first determine what you want out of life and what makes you feel complete.  


Step 2: Start by Focusing on a Broad Goal and then Create Simpler Goals

You decide what success is and how you will achieve it.  This is the vision that you set for yourself.  Start by focusing in on a picture from the future.  How do you see yourself?  Are you actively involved in a career?  Are you a family person or just filthy rich?  This is your broad goal, your long-term vision.  This is the primary direction you are pursuing.  This is something that you want and that you are willing to work hard to get.  


Now that you have decided on a long-term destination, it’s time to create a “path” to this destination made up of short-term goals.  After you create your set of goals attach a specific time frame to each one.  This helps in motivating you to get started because you now have a specific date you ideally want to achieve each one. 

Step 3: Take Action!

After you set your goals you must take decisive action.  Try and feel a sense of responsibility for your list of goals.  Resist putting the blame on anyone else, including “this cruel world” that makes dreams impossible.  It may help you say your goals out loud, “affirming” your resolve to carry them out. 


You must be committed to this task and take seriously the steps you laid out for yourself.  Try and think of these commitments, not as personal wishes, but as unbreakable plans that you have made with someone else.   


Step 4: Know the Importance of Persistence and Belief

Persistence is another important principle to keep in mind, as you will need to cultivate this quality when the going gets tough.  Persistence is slightly different from commitment.  Persistence is known as “continuing or repeating behavior.”  Persistence helps you keep on progressing in your life, even when obstacles arise and even when you are at your lowest ebb.  How can you learn persistence?  Is it truly a learnable quality or is it a genetic gift?

Persistence is closely linked with belief.  When you believe something, when you are passionate about something, you are willing to fight for that belief.  You are willing to talk enthusiastically to others about this belief.  You are willing to travel across the world for this belief.  You may even be willing to die for this belief.  This confidence is what allows you to stay persistent even in the worst of times.  Continue to pursue positive influences in your life, sources that are refreshing, like supporters who say you can do it! 


Adhering to these principles will help make you even more successful.  You can believe that because, again, you determine your success

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