4 Steps to Conquer Fears and Start Living Life On Your Terms

We’ve all been afraid to try something new at one time or another.  Why is that?  And it seems as we age, our fear controls more and more of our willingness to try something new.  We prefer to forego a new experience because we want to avoid whatever bad thing we think could happen.  Or maybe the anxiety is just too stressful for us to even contemplate facing our fears.  Whatever the reason, we justify that trying something new is not worth the risk.

When we remain inside the boundaries of our comfort zone, we essentially stop growing and stop learning.  Sure, you can choose to live the rest of your life in your comfort zone, but if you are unhappy with any aspect of your life, know that it will not change until you step outside your comfort zone.

Here are four practical steps you can take to conquer fear and start living life on your terms:

1. Analyze the rational possible outcomes

Most of the anxiety we feel is based on our mind’s inability to calculate an outcome and it exaggerates the possibilities.  This exaggeration is what causes fear and anxiety. 

2. The past doesn’t equal the future

There is no written rule that says just because something happened a certain way in the past, that it is pre-determined to happen the same in the future. 

3. Visualize positive outcomes

Set the intention for a positive experience and visualize a positive outcome.  Feel good about your new experience before you even attempt it. 

4. Just do it!

The only true and tried way to rid yourself of fear is to just do it!  Don’t let fear control your life – you are the one in control.  While there may be some risks involved with trying something new, the value of what you have to gain far outweighs any fear you will feel.

Don’t wait to start conquering your fear and step outside your comfort zone. – start today.  Make a list of things you are afraid to do and set a time frame when you want to have them all accomplished.

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