4 Tips For Overcoming Procrastination

It’s time for you to go on the defensive and tackle this self-defeating habit.


Tip1: Start on the most basic level by treating your body and mind to a system of reward and punishment.  When you complete a goal as stated reward yourself generously.  When you procrastinate, you get nothing.  Not only does this train your mind to work harder, it also provides motivation for when you work—to get to the finish line and claim your reward!


Tip 2: Another tip that might prove helpful is to try and break down large projects.  Some people’s natural inclination is to avoid large projects; they seem very daunting at first glance.  However, once you break large projects into smaller pieces, it is easier to get started and manage.  Take one day’s worth of activity and break it apart into smaller goals.


Tip 3: It will also help to prioritize your assignments.  Make a list of all your things-to-do and put them in order of importance. The activities that have the highest probability of helping you achieve your goals would be ranked as the most important.  Now as you finish each task you can cross off items as you complete them.  This will help you organize your workload.


Tip 4: Don’t underestimate the advantages that enlisting a friend or acquaintance might bring.  When you get someone else involved, you are essentially tag teaming your way to success.  Two heads are always better than one, especially when you are accountable to that other person.  Fighting such a battle on your own can be difficult, but when you bring in someone else to help fend off the threat of procrastination, your odds are improved.


Remember that procrastination never pays off for anyone, whereas when you take certain action—even if it’s unsuccessful—you can always learn from the outcome.  Procrastinators are simply everyday people with big dreams who need a little push in the right direction.  Work with someone that you can rely on to help you overcome procrastination and achieve all your goals and ultimately enjoy what is important to you.


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