5 Tips for Creating Balance in Your Life – Tip 3

Outside the Box Thinking

Outside the Box Thinking

Think Outside The Box
This is where you can get creative. Begin to consider creative ways to either create more time and/or money. Maybe you can take on a part-time job for one year and earn an additional $30,000 to do with as you please. Or perhaps you want to go back to school, but don’t want to go into debt. Maybe you’ve had a difficult time finding a new job in town or building your business. Consider moving to another city or state – even a foreign country. Thinking outside the box will allow you come up with solutions you may not have considered before.

To help you get started, complete your personal Wheel of Life and Quality of Life Enhancer ™ exercise you will find on my website (/coaching-store/inner-circle-store/). These resources are complimentary. Get an actual reality check on your current situation and then create a game plan for where you want to be and by when. Balance in your life will bring even more happiness to you. Start today.

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