5 Ways Financial Advisors Leave Money on the Table Webinar by Bill Bachrach

Attend the ‘5 Ways Financial Advisors Leave Money on the Table, Under-Serve Their Clients, and What to do About It’ complimentary webinar so that you can join us as he talks about ways that you can make more money with your existing clients while serving them at a higher level. Click on the link below to register today.

Webinar Date: Thursday, November 8th
Time: 11:00am Pacific Time/ 12:00 Mountain Time/ 1:00 Central Time/ 2:00pm Eastern
Register: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/707769410

Have you ever created a prospective client’s financial plan and felt that you missed an opportunity to get more of their business?  Well, you were probably correct. It is common knowledge that most people, especially financially successful people, have their finances and investments spread among several advisors and institutions. This does not have to be the situation with YOUR clients. You can stop letting their assets go elsewhere while simultaneously improving your service to your clients.

During this what-to-do and how-to-do-it webinar, Bill Bachrach will share business success opportunities that will help you make more money and serve your clients at a higher level. These ideas will improve your business in any economy, under any market conditions, and no matter who’s the President.

By applying these action-able, result-producing strategies you can:

-Make More Money
-Handle All of Your Clients’ Assets
-Get your Clients to Follow All of Your Advice
-Develop a System to Receive More Referrals
-Increase Your Productivity

Bill Bachrach, CSP, CPAE is considered the financial services industry’s leading authority on building high-trust client relationships. He is a popular keynote speaker and successful financial professionals from around the world subscribe to the Values-Based Financial Planning Turn-Key Business Model to establish themselves as top 1% advisors in terms of value for their clients, financial success, and quality of life.

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