5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Team’s Critical Thinking Skills

A great webinar by Kristin Arnold – not to be missed!!! Check it out right now!

          Have you or your team ever made a really dumb decision?  Of course, you’re making this observation in hindsight, but if we only knew then what we know now, would you or your team have made the same decision?

If you want your teams to think it through and make better decisions, then Thursday’s webinar, “What Were You Thinking? 5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Team’s Critical Thinking Skills” is for you.

Kristin Arnold has been facilitating teams for over 20 years and noticed there are specific traps we fall into that keep us from making the best decision possible.  In this 45-minute webinar, she’ll talk about these traps and give you five practical tips that will help you and your team:

• Address the “right” issue or problem
• Access and assess valuable information
• Answer the issue with the optimum solution or recommendation
• Act on the solution to achieve the desired results.

The complimentary webinar is this Thursday, March 13 at 9AM PT.

You can register now at www.ExtraordinaryTeam.com/webinar-series/.

You will receive a lot of value from Kristin’s event.


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