6 Tips To Thrive In A Down Economy

So the market has gone from tough to tougher.  What are you going to do, quit?  No way!  Here are six tips that can help business people survive, even thrive, in the current economic downturn.


Tip #1.  Quit Whining.


Tip #2.  Get In Touch.

One of the first things to happen in a tough market is that most bad and many of the mediocre players give up.  Don’t let your business relationships wonder if that’s where you fit in.  Call everyone you have ever done business with or would like to do business with and let them know you are still around.  Tell them you’re ready, willing and able to serve them.  Be honest about the tough times and give them the opportunity to help you with some business or a referral or two or three.


Tip #3.  Get Back To Work.

A bad market is a great excuse to be lazy.  Don’t get caught in the ‘nobody’s buying anything so why bother’ syndrome.  Dust off the good work habits.  Get in early, stay late, and maybe even put in a half day on your usual day or days off.  Persistence always pays big dividends.


Tip #4.  Sharpen Your Skills.

When you can least afford to is often the best and most important time to invest in yourself.  Remember, it is the bad and mediocre who quit in tough times.  Sharpen your skills.  Improve your game.


Tip #5.  Look For Opportunities.

The toughest times always have carried with them the greatest opportunities.  It can be difficult to see opportunities while you’re being bombarded with negative press, negative feedback, and negative thoughts.  But set aside the negative and look for the opportunities.  They do exist and they can be yours.


Tip #6.  Don’t Go Overboard.  Have Some Fun.

This is the easiest advice to follow.  Work hard, but remember that tougher times usually cause higher stress levels.  Keep up your exercise plan, eat well, enjoy the beautiful place we live in, and have some fun.  Not having fun will not make a bad market go away.  A great philosopher once said, “Fun is the only reality,” and there’s a lot of truth to that. 


Choose to be the one who excels and thrives during times when the rest are making excuses and doing little to nothing. Choose to get ahead and be even more successful than you thought possible. 

Winston Churchill said, “when you’re going through hell, keep going.”

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