7 Tips to Enhance Your Performance in Life

The need for a balanced life is more important than ever. Too often, our work life and personal life overlaps, so enhancing your overall performance can only benefit both aspects of your life. Having a growth mindset can help you to overcome any challenges you may face, both professionally and personally.

By following these seven tips to enhance your performance in life, you’ll be more likely to maximize your potential and reach your goals. Are you ready to start implementing changes into your life that will increase your performance and help you grow as an individual? If yes, then read on!

  1. Set Crystal Clear Goals

As a business owner, you may be constantly thinking about setting your team up for success, but don’t forget about yourself! Set yourself up for success by setting clear goals. You set your annual goals and review your progress every month to help you know where you are against your annual goals, so you can course correct, if you are off track at all.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can start by setting longer term, larger goals and breaking them down into smaller and more manageable goals.

For example, you can set a goal of running a half marathon in the next year. Break that down weekly by starting small and running 3 miles a week, then build up slowly until you’re running more and more each week. By the time the half marathon comes along, it’ll be a breeze!

Another example is, instead of setting a goal to “increase revenue for the year,” set a specific goal with an actual number, such as “increase revenue to $120,000 by year end.” Then break that down into smaller goals by month, such as “hit $10k in revenue per month.” Once you have a more concrete goal, you can plan out the steps it takes to achieve that goal!

  1. Practice Effective Communication

Effective communication is so important in both our personal lives as well as in business. Practicing empathy goes hand-in-hand with communicating effectively. Whether you’re speaking with a loved one or a co-worker, approach the conversation with empathy and an open ear. Start by trying to see where they’re coming from, and use phrases to describe how you feel, not what you don’t like about the other person’s actions.

Listening well is a very important skill that needs to consistently be practiced to be refined. It can be easy to hear something and react immediately. It’s much harder to listen, take time to reflect on what someone says, and then respond with intention and kindness. With practice, it can become second nature and enhance many different types of relationships in your life!

  1. Set Aside Time to Rest and Recharge

Performing at your potential doesn’t mean going nonstop 24/7—it means having the self-awareness to know your body and its limits.

Take the time to rest and recharge. Get enough sleep, and also take moments throughout the day to give your brain a break. Whether that means taking a walk around the block or stepping away from your laptop for a coffee break, taking breaks will actually increase productivity.

When you do take a break, work to clear your mind of anything work-related. Do something fun, meditate, get some fresh air outdoors. If you have someone who can take a break with you, it helps to have that accountability and be able to interface with someone face-to-face throughout the day. On a larger scale, plan out vacations for yourself! It could be a road trip, a staycation—nothing necessarily extravagant. Taking time away will help recharge your batteries, so you can come back ready to tackle whatever comes your way! 

  1. Define Your Top Three Tasks Each Day

Do you ever find yourself continuing to add to your to-do list throughout the day until it’s long and overwhelming? It’s not realistic to think we can get through everything on our list.

Start your day by defining the top three tasks you want to accomplish for that day. It could be an errand you’ve been putting off, a proposal you’ve been needing to send, five calls to prospective clients, or a dish you’ve been wanting to cook. Stick to those three first—when you get through them, then great! Either give yourself time to rest or knock out more to-do’s that are next on the priority task list. You’ll feel more productive getting those extra activities done, and at the very least, you’ll know that you’ve accomplished the three top tasks on your list.

  1. Practice Gratitude Each Day

Gratitude is a powerful emotion. When we express gratitude, our brains actually release dopamine and serotonin, which are the neurotransmitters responsible for making us feel good. Expressing gratitude can lead to better health and bring us happiness.

When life gets overwhelming, it can be hard to consistently practice gratitude. Which is why it is what it is—a practice. Some people start their day with something they’re grateful for, and others prefer to end their day reflecting on what they were grateful for that day.

Whichever one you prefer, write it down and speak it aloud. If you have a partner you can do this with, even better, as you can remind yourself to reflect on the day and ask each other what you’re grateful for. Practicing gratitude can help you put things into an even more positive perspective. As hard as things may seem, they could be worse. There is always something to be grateful for. You just need to be intentional about acknowledging it.

  1. Revisit Your Definition of Success Often

As you go through different stages of life, your definition of success will change. Perhaps at a younger age, monetary success was your only definition of success. But as you get older, that definition may change as spending time with loved ones becomes more important to prioritize.

Whatever your definition is, revisit it often to make sure it aligns with your current values and goals. By taking time to think through how you define success, you can check how you’re progressing towards your goals or if you need to pivot.

Keep in mind that “success” is subjective–someone else’s definition of success is not your own. It will look differently to everyone, and it’s important to build your own definition of it.

  1. Get Enough Sleep Each Day

Never underestimate the power of getting enough sleep each day. Being well-rested enhances your performance in many ways. It can improve concentration and productivity, and leads to a healthier lifestyle, and also decrease long-term illnesses.

For optimal performance, aim for 8-9 hours of sleep per night. Make it work around your schedule! If you tend to work better at night, stay up a little later and sleep in a bit later. If you’re an early riser, get to sleep earlier, so you can wake up earlier. Your body will thank you for it and you will be more focused and productive.

By incorporating these 7 tips into your daily life, you’ll enhance your performance in life in many ways. To recap, set clear goals, practice effective communication, set aside time to rest and recharge, define your top three tasks each day, practice gratitude daily, revisit your definition of success, and get enough sleep every night. Not only will you be more successful, you’ll also be able to enjoy the benefits of a truly balanced life!

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