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What got you to where you are today probably isn’t going to be what takes you to where you ultimately want to go. Those thoughts, actions, activities have to change to move you even closer to your future goals.  In working with my clients over the years, I originally found that most of them had no idea who was paying them how much money each year. You want to know this for many reasons. Simply put, make a list of all your clients in order of who pays you the most money to the least on an annual basis.


To make it easier for you, feel free to modify my Annual Recurring Revenue Exercise excel spreadsheet sample to help you know who is paying you how much each year and who you want to replicate by asking for referrals/introductions from the top of the list.


To download my complimentary Annual Recurring Revenue Exercise, so you know exactly what your recurring revenue is for your clients every year, go to

/annual-recurring-revenue-exercise/. Customize the spreadsheet to fit your business and industry.


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