Are you planning to work on Friday, July 3?

Success-oriented people do whatever it takes and work on “holidays” when needed.  Some people use the company holiday as a day off, the snow day as a day to stay home and not work, and other various excuses to make themselves feel good about not doing what they know they need to do to achieve their goals.  With the 4th of July being on Friday, and for many companies this is a holiday so their office is closed, how many people view this as a three day weekend and not consider working 2 or 3 hours early in the morning before their family gets up? How many people actually have Friday planned as a partial work day to get more done and make headway towards achievement of their goals for the year?


I’m not suggesting that you should work all the time and not have balance in your life. I am suggesting that for many who aren’t on track to achieving their goals for the year, that perhaps working 2-5 hours on a “holiday” that falls on a weekday could help them make progress on activities necessary for them to be on the path of goal achievement. You can work for a portion of your day and still spend quality time with you family doing something fun for the rest of the day. 


I guess it comes down to, how committed are you to achieving your goals this year. Are  you going to make the excuse at the end of the year that it was the economy and that is why you didn’t achieve what you said you wanted?  How badly do you really want to achieve your goals? Are your goals a ‘nice to have’ should you get lucky or are you serious about what you say you want to achieve?


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