Are you tired of spinning your wheels and not getting the traction you want and deserve?

The #1 Reason People Don’t Get What They Want in Life is Lack of Accountability.

Maybe it is time to consider hiring an Accountability Coach?

Many business owners have a difficult time managing their time efficiently, unknowingly sabotaging their own success.  They often spend months, even years, struggling to discern between the low-priority and high-impact tasks, and where their efforts drive the biggest results.  Unfortunately, this type of unawareness can lead to a failed business.  How do you prevent self-sabotage of your business?  Hire an accountability coach!  Below are 4 reasons you need to hire an accountability coach:

An Accountability Coach can help you…

  • Understand how your actions either lead you toward or away from your goal(s)
  • Nip procrastination and other time wasters in the bud
  • Break free of your limiting beliefs
  • Achieve success by refining how you approach personal and professional goals


An Accountability Coach can help create direction: An accountability coach understands how each of your actions (or lack of action) leads to your results.  It’s fairly simple for someone to define their end goal (e.g. make $28,000 each month), but choosing which road to embark on to reach the goal is an entirely different endeavor.


A quality accountability coach will provide you with the tools to understand the direction your actions will take you and teach you how to forecast the results, so you know which road to walk in the future.  He or she will also teach you how to create the most efficient and effective direction to produce the biggest results.  You can be sure that you will develop a clear mindset of what works and what doesn’t.


An Accountability Coach can help eliminate procrastination: Procrastination is the worst enemy of any business owner.  Regardless of how many books, tapes or tickets to seminars you purchase for achieving success, if you lack the discipline, you will not see results.  Thankfully, an accountability coach will put an end to your procrastination by establishing clear accountability rules.


Accountability coaching will help you by making you fully aware that you’re completely responsible for how you spend your time.  Your success lies in your hands and your success is directly dependent upon the effort you’re willing to put in to realizing your goal.  Your accountability coach will certainly put you to the test, asking you to honestly account for your time, actions, and results.


An Accountability Coach can help you break free of limited beliefs: One of the main reasons people fail in business is because they allow their limited beliefs to stifle their success.  This not only applies to your business, but your personal life as well.  We all have limiting beliefs to some extent; the goal is to identify those limiting beliefs and shatter them.  You will only ever be as successful as your beliefs allow you to be.  Accountability coaching will help you see how your own belief system has been preventing you from realizing your full potential and achieving goals. 


With firm guidance, an accountability coach will assist you in identifying each limiting belief and show you how it is directly affecting your results.  Again, you will be pushed outside your comfort zone, but this is the only way to build your business and your success.  When you overcome inhibitions and learn to believe in your ability to succeed, you’ll learn how to increase sales, exceed goals, and build a better business.


An Accountability Coach can help you achieve even greater success!  Accountability coaching spells success for any individual committed to personal and professional improvement.  Overall, an accountability coach will help you succeed by guiding you in the right direction, holding you personally accountable for your time management and actions, and acting in a supportive role by helping you overcome the hurdles that have prevented you from achieving your goals in the past.  He or she will also bridge the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be in the future by creating a precise plan of action to achieve goals with the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.


Accountability coaching is especially beneficial to business owners, since they are the most susceptible to common sabotaging habits like procrastination and lack of direction.  As a small business owner, you can get so caught up in the chaos of running and building your business that you can become lost.  Without direction, a clear understanding of where your actions are leading you, and which tasks are low-priority and high-impact, you may drive yourself and your business into the ground.  If you are ready to achieve the kind of success you have always imagined, do yourself and your business a favor and hire an accountability coach.


Action Steps:

  1. Create an accountability group of at least three people. Most people, left to their own devices, will not take any action.  Sometimes, it takes a personable accountability environment to get someone to take action.  Build a supportive, yet firm accountability group and vow to hold each other accountable for actions as well as non-actions.  Go to the group coaching section at and follow the guidelines.
  2. Search for existing Accountability Groups in your area. Do an internet keyword search for “accountability group,” or search Facebook or LinkedIn for additional group options.
  3. Explore what it’s like to have a personal accountability coach. Visit /coaching/one-on-one-accountability-coaching/ for more information.


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