Ask Clients for Feedback on Their Experiences

Do you ask your clients to give feedback on their experience?  This is incredibly effective, but few business owners send surveys to their clients.  The truth is – business owners don’t want to take the time to ask for various reasons.  It takes time to not only create surveys, it takes time to conduct them and collect the information.  Then there is the challenge of implementing business models changes, if you like any of the ideas or suggestions provided.  The difference between an everyday business and an extraordinary one is a client survey.  I would highly suggest conducting a client survey because it can be a powerful transformation tool.


Listening to your clients and truly comprehending their needs is the most important factor when building a business that’s all-about-them.  Your business is completely dependent on your clients and if you don’t make it all-about-them, it won‘t reach its true potential.


Here are a few websites that you can use to quickly and easily conduct surveys:

1. – All our quick polls and surveys are free and available to your audience for 30 days.


2.  — SurveyMonkey has a single purpose: to enable anyone to create professional online surveys quickly and easily. 


How do you transform your business to put clients first?  How do you take an existing business that’s all-about-them, to the next level?

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