Asking Questions is One Way to Communicate Effectively with Clients

Asking Good Questions Is Important

Asking Good Questions Is Important

How you conduct your communication with clients can create raving fans or scarce patrons, and ultimately determine whether or not you get the results you are looking for. This is just one concept to help you.

Be Willing to Ask Questions
When you’re starting a new client assignment, it’s easy to get excited and jump head first into the project, but don’t let your excitement or enthusiasm get too far ahead. Remember, your first priority is to remain conscious of effective communication and be sure that you and your client are on the same page. Effective communication will allow you to jot down the necessary details before the project begins and save you embarrassment down the line with clients. When you skip effective communication and jump the gun, you could find yourself in a situation that makes you or your business appear unprofessional and inexperienced or get wrangled in to doing work you don’t get paid for.

If you are unsure about any detail of an assignment, or fear your client may not have a full understanding, you must be willing to ask questions. Fixing misunderstandings is easiest at the beginning of an assignment, but not so easy after work has already begun. Take the time to be sure you and your client are communicating effectively with each other.

As the business owner, it’s your responsibility to think ahead and head-off any potential snags. It’s important to make the process of working with you and your business as simple as possible. Remember, your client is paying for results, not complications so be sure to always take steps to communicate effectively with your clients.

Action Step:
Be very clear from the beginning in service agreements and contracts. Set clear boundaries and detail specifically what is being provided at the set price, as well as, optional or extended services that will require additional funds. Go over the details of the contract in-person or over the phone whenever possible. Head off potential problems during the project early. If you see something that throws a red flag, discuss it with the client early on to avoid big blowups.

Being a business owner goes far beyond the books and sales. You must be a forward-thinking problem solver who is continually evolving into a better business owner and person. Essentially, you become a leader the moment you start your own business and can never relinquish the title for as long as you own your business. Throughout the life of your business, it will be a continual refinement of processes and communication; adapting your approach to suit the needs of your clients.

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