Become a Master of Change

For most of us, the thought of change can send us into a panic attack.  For some of us, we might fear change because it disrupts our sense of security and consistency by challenging our perceptions.  As much as we crave stability and security, change is an inevitable part of life and we can either choose to embrace it or resist it.

Life is really a series of changes and each change is a challenge.  It’s an opportunity for us to learn – to grow – to expand.  Some changes might be small while others may be large, but they each bring the opportunity to learn something new about yourself and the world around you. Change actually becomes much easier to handle because when you come out the other side, you gain valuable skills and experiences that you can apply to the rest of your life. Instead of being fearful, you may even have fun being more open to change because you know your life will be that much better.

Here’s how you become a master of change:

Inaction and Resistance Carries Bigger Consequences

Choosing inaction or resistance to change carries bigger consequences than choosing to face the change head-on in the first place.  You are an ever changing person in an ever changing world and resistance just adds fear and frustration to every situation.  Learn to be open to creating new and exciting adventures that change will bring.

Focus on the Desired End Result

Worrying about what might happen will not help you deal with what’s at hand.  Focus on where you want to be when the change is complete.  You want to keep your desired end result in mind at all times, and only think about what you want to happen not what you don’t want to happen.  What got you to where you are today isn’t what will take you where you want to be. 

Rationalize Your Fear

Fear is usually the result of our mind creating hypothetical dramas that have no base in reality.  You can just suck it up, and as Nike says, “Just Do It.”  You will quickly discover that the experience of change wasn’t worth all that anxiety over the unknown. Each time you rationalize the fear, you will have greater courage to “Just Do It” in the future.

Break it into Manageable Pieces

For major changes, break it down into smaller manageable pieces.  It’s much easier to identify a solution when you can apply a strategy to deal with each step. 

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